As more and more restrictions are lifted as the governments try to balance “normal life” with ensuring the health of the community, the WA Sporting Car Club has announced that it will resume competitive racing on June 21st 2020 in accordance with current restrictions.

The car club in a statement released on their Facebook page on May 27th stated the following:

“WASCC are preparing for the race event on Sunday 21 June and the tuning day on Friday 19 June. The organisation of this event is in a very dynamic, compliance-heavy environment and like no other ever undertaken by the Club. The team has been working very hard to get plans in place for the event. While many details are still in the process of being finalised and a venue management plan is being prepared, we want to communicate some of the key principles and elements as early as possible.

As things are going to be so different we are appealing to all involved for their understanding, patience and support. We can’t underline too heavily the need to read and understand all communications from now until the event. We want to see everything run smoothly and it will break our hearts to turn people away at the gate, however if it jeopardises our compliance we may have no other option.”

The car club has been working towards ensuring the event runs in compliance with Motorsport Australia’s return to racing guidelines while also being in compliance with state based restrictions. The club has also been working with the various volunteers that ensure racing can occur such as the Wanneroo Flag Marshal Association while not putting its members in jeopardy.

The club’s announcement went on as follows:

“The event will be conducted in compliance with all Government requirements and Motorsport Australia “Return to Race” guidelines. It is recommended everyone read the Return to Race document and the supporting information. https://motorsport.org.au/covid-19 WASCC management and CEC have consulted with Motorsport Australia and volunteer officials to ensure the race meeting can be safely and successfully conducted. Event entrants and officials will receive a comprehensive briefing document prior to the event.

For event entrants who are WASCC members here are some high priority elements for your attention:

1. You will require your WASCC membership smartcard to gain entry to the Wanneroo Raceway facility.

2. Attendance is not permitted if COVID-19 symptoms are evident. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms please do not attend the event.

(a) All persons entering the facility will be temperature checked at the gate. Those registering an elevated temperature will not be permitted access (testing to be undertaken by qualified medical personnel using industry approved procedures)

3. Entry to facility will be limited to event entrant (driver) and one (1) pit crew, designated officials and essential staff/contractors. By prior arrangement persons under 18 yo can be accompanied by a parent or guardian, additional to the driver and pit crew.

4. There will be no access for spectators.
There will be no access for non-competing WASCC members or non-participating officials.

5. Early race entry is encouraged. This will greatly facilitate planning and preparation and WASCC will advise when the entry portal is open. If the event is suspended or cancelled, entry fees will be refunded in full or held in credit for future meetings.

6. Key principles for the event:

(a) Minimise gatherings (ie: no mass briefings, limited numbers, minimal people movement around paddock area)

(b) Minimise contact (ie: electronic sign-on, no in-person scrutineering, digital reporting)

(c) Maintain social distancing

7. Entrants will be required to submit a range of documentation and declarations prior to the event, as part of the entry process. Prior receipt of these will be mandatory to gain entry to the facility on the day. More details will be provided when the entry portal opens.

8. Motorsport Australia and WASCC strongly recommend downloading of the COVIDSafe app.

9. A COVID-19 Checker will be appointed to the event by the WASCC whose sole responsibility is to ensure compliance with Government and Motorsport Australia requirements. This is a mandatory appointment. The Stewards will not permit the event to commence until appropriately advised by the COVID-19 Event Checker. The Stewards may instruct that the event be stopped if advised by the COVID-19 Event Checker that requirements are not being maintained.

As noted, once detailed plans are finalised a comprehensive briefing document will be provided to all entrants and volunteer officials. However if you do have any questions please contact our General Manager, Andrew Stachewicz via email at andrew@wascc.asn.au .

Thank you in anticipation of your support and please watch this space!”

We are pretty excited by the return to racing, what has been 3 months of no racing has sure felt like a lot longer and we are looking forward to seeing cars back out on track at this race meet!


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