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Saturday 27th November sees the final Nishi-D event of 2021 however the crew behind the Nishi-D event have decided to keep the car vibes going with a new event called the “Exciting Car Showdown”.  A joint venture between Nishi-D crew and Drift Bunny the event will kick

Purchased from his Queensland owners in June 2020 by Jamie Weeks, Mater made his Motorvation debut in spectacular form. Kids and adults alike were fascinated by the CARS star brought to life which was entered in the burnout competitions at Motorvation 35. Check out our gallery of Mater from Motorvation

All hail the mullet! Business in front, party at the back! A staple of Australian car culture the mullet has a bit of a bad reuptation being associated with bad behaviour and loutish behaviour. However the crew at Mullet Industries is trying to change the view on this. On day

So how does one break the Sunday blues at Motorvation 35? Knowing that it is all over in a matter of hours after 2 days (so far) of beautiful cars, burnouts, and all manner of driving events? Bump into the wonderful Bridget Bell and wander around the Formula Tech Elite