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Cristina Gutiérrez made history by winning the Dakar Rally and becoming the first woman in 23 years to secure this prestigious title. Triumphing in the Challenger category during stage 12 alongside co-driver Pablo Moreno, the Spaniard staged an impressive comeback, overcoming a 25-minute deficit behind Mitch Guthrie Jr. with unmatched determination.

In the dusty expanse of Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter, the largest continuous desert on earth, Dakar Rally enthusiasts encountered a new frontier – the 48-hour Chrono Stage. Episode Five of ‘In The Dust’ unfolds the gripping narrative of survival in the desert as Spanish Challenger category driver Cristina Gutiérrez Herrero and Austrian rookie biker Tobias Ebster recount their journey through this unprecedented Dakar challenge.

There is a new addition to Sauber’s roster of young, talented drivers, as Carrie Schreiner is announced as the team’s contender in the 2024 F1 Academy series. The 25-year-old German driver will be representing the team in the second season of the all-female series, racing one of the Campos Racing entries in Sauber’s colours.