The 2021 Shannon’s Motorsport Australia Championship rolls into Sydney Motorsport Park for the first weekend in May and Friday night practice and qualifying is set to be under lights for most categories.

Wet weather is predicted for some of the weekend, but with 5 days to go until the first day, we know that forecast could change.

The Shannon’s Motorsport Australia Championship is bringing the following categories to Sydney Motorsport Park for Round 3:

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Australian Prototype Series | Australian Racing Car Series | Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series | Touring Car Masters Series | National Trans Am Series | S5000 Australian Drivers Championship | Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge | Radical Australia Cup | MRF Tyres Australian Production Car Series

In addition to the racing, the FIA Girls on Track initiative will be visiting the track on Saturday 1st of May where the ambassadors to the program will be engaged in projects with the girls attending. They will be able to experience all facets of motorsport including pit crew, media, management, and more.

The time tables for Round 3 of the Shannon’s Motorsport Australia Championship are below:

Friday 30th April 2021

Australian Prototype Series9:050:20:00Practice 1
Aussie Racing Cars Series9:300:20:00Practice 1
Radical Australia Cup9:550:30:00Practice 1
National Trans Am Series10:300:20:00Practice 1
Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series10:550:30:00Practice 1
MRF Tyres Australian Production Car Series11:300:20:00Practice 1
S5000 Australian Drivers Championship11:550:20:00Practice 1
National Trans Am Series12:200:20:00Practice 2
Touring Car Masters Series12:450:20:00Practice 1
Radical Australia Cup13:100:30:00Practice 2
Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge13:450:30:00Practice 1
Lunch Break14:150:30:00
Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series14:450:30:00Practice 2
S5000 Australian Drivers Championship15:200:20:00Practice 2
Promoter Track Time15:450:10:00TV Track Time
Australian Prototype Series16:000:20:00Practice 2
Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge16:250:30:00Practice 2
Promoter Track Time17:000:15:00TCR Sponsor Ride
S5000 Australian Drivers Championship17:250:20:00Qualifying
Aussie Racing Cars Series17:500:20:00Practice 2
Radical Australia Cup18:200:20:00Qualifying
Tea Break18:400:20:00
National Trans Am Series19:000:20:00Qualifying
Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge19:300:20:00Qualifying
Touring Car Masters Series20:000:20:00Qualifying
Australian Prototype Series20:250:20:00Practice 3
MRF Tyres Australian Production Car Series20:550:20:00Qualifying
Aussie Racing Cars Series21:250:20:00Qualifying

Saturday 1st May 2021

8:30Australian Prototype Series0:20:00Qualifying
9:00Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series0:10:00Qualifying 1
9:15Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series0:10:00Qualifying 2
9:35Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge0:20:0016 LapsRace 1
10:05National Trans Am Series0:25:0011 LapsRace 1
10:45S5000 Australian Drivers Championship0:25:0014 LapsRace 1
11:20Touring Car Masters Series0:25:0012 LapsRace 1
11:55National Trans Am Series0:25:0011 LapsRace 2
12:35S5000 Australian Drivers Championship0:25:0014 LapsRace 2
13:25Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series0:30:0015 LapsRace 1
14:05Touring Car Masters Series0:20:0010 LapsTrophy Race
14:35MRF Tyres Australian Production Car Series0:25:0011 LapsRace 1
15:10Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge0:45:0027 LapsRace 2
16:05Aussie Racing Cars Series0:20:009 LapsRace 1
16:25Tea Break0:30:00
16:55Australian Prototype Series0:20:0012 LapsRace 1
17:25MRF Tyres Australian Production Car Series0:30:0014 LapsRace 2
18:05Radical Australia Cup0:50:0032 LapsRace 1

Sunday 2nd May 2021

9:05Australian Prototype Series0:20:0013 LapsRace 2
9:35Aussie Racing Cars Series0:20:009 LapsRace 2
10:10Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series0:30:0015 LapsRace 2
10:55Touring Car Masters Series0:25:0012 LapsRace 2
11:30National Trans Am Series0:25:0011 LapsRace 3
12:10S5000 Australian Drivers Championship0:25:0014 LapsRace 3
12:45Touring Car Masters Series0:25:0012 LapsRace 3
13:25Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series0:30:0015 LapsRace 3
14:05Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge0:20:0011 LapsRace 3
14:35Australian Prototype Series0:25:0015 LapsRace 3
15:10Radical Australia Cup0:45:0028 LapsRace 2
16:05MRF Tyres Australian Production Car Series0:30:0014 LapsRace 3
16:35Tea Break0:25:00
17:00Aussie Racing Cars Series0:20:009 LapsRace 3
17:30MRF Tyres Australian Production Car Series0:30:0014 LapsRace 4

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