Perth based drifting for a good cause event Driftability has announced a new committee for the 2021 event.

The 7 strong committees will be headed up by Daniel Silvestro who has been involved as a driver at the event since its creation by Andrew Murphy.

Upon announcement as the new chairperson of Driftability, Silvestro a father of 2 had this to say “I am absolutely stoked to have been put forward for this position by many of the drivers and volunteers who have faith in me that I can make this event better than ever with my amazing new committee who have just as much passion toward this event as I do.”

“Being a driver since the start of Driftability I’ve been lucky enough to watch this event grow year by year and I felt it was time to step forward and get a little more involved, as drivers we do see first hand how everyone reacts and how chaotic it can get in the pits and on the track.”

“With that, I felt there was room to improve for everyone to be able to flow through a lot faster have less wait times and a little more time in the car to get the best experience possible with as little downtime and people waiting as possible.”
“I look forward to chatting with everyone be it volunteers, drivers, sponsors, and other clubs to see what we can achieve together for all these amazing people who deserve the best day we can give them.”
Other announcements to the committee include Penney Laubscher as deputy chairperson who has most recently been the person behind the Driftability Facebook page, Amy (soon to be) Silvestro who upon joining the committee will be experiencing her first official role in Driftability, AnnMaree Miller a passionate motorsport volunteer and special needs education teacher, Donna Hort a medical administrator and previous helper at Driftability, Brent Peters who has participated as a driver at Driftability and finally Amy Page a fulltime carer for persons with all different abilities.

Amy upon her announcement as treasurer of Driftability mentioned the limitations that are given to persons of varying abilities:

“I’ve worked closely hand in hand with people of all different abilities, my entire life and I’ve witnessed first hand the struggles these amazing people have to deal with day in day out. I’ve seen and had to tell them no because of their disability, I have had to take them to the cinemas 3 times a week because that is the only approved task for some with a disability.”
“I love Driftablity because it gives them an opportunity to experience something incredible and provides them with a fun day out that would never be available to them anywhere else.”
In addition to the committee, the long list of volunteers at the event that the committee is responsible for wrangling in the lead-up and on the day includes drivers, carers, helpers, track officials, media, and more.
The 2020 event raised over $8,500 for the Ability Centre in Coolbinia, Western Australia with expenses for the event just $761.58 after all sponsorships were included such as insurance from Racers and track hire from Wanneroo Raceway.
For anyone wanting to learn more about the Driftability event, visit their Facebook page.
For photos from the 2019 and 2020 events, visit the following links:


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