D1WA slides into new year with 14 events

The team at D1WA have released their 2021 calendar with 14 events planned over 12 months starting with Jacks Hill drifting on the 30th January 2021.

The ever popular Matsuri events are scheduled in May and October with a mix of Collie, Wanneroo Raceway full, infield and Jacks Hill layouts in use.

Also sneaking into their calendar is an event on the 14th March at the SpeedDome in Midvale. While we would hate to assume anything, but we are guessing the outside area next to Roe Highway is being used. But how cool would it be to see someone drift the entire ring road around the dome? Or take it up a notch Ken Block style and drift into the Dome itself and out the other side … Ok maybe we shouldn’t be encouraging THAT sort of behaviour (just yet).

To keep up to date with what is happening with D1WA, hit up their Facebook page.

— D1WA 2021 CALENDAR —

30th Jan – Jacks Hill
13th Feb – Collie
14th Mar – Speed Dome
21st Mar – Wanneroo Main Track
26th April – Wanneroo Infield & Main Track
8th/9th May – Collie Matsuri
30th May – Wanneroo Infield (ROUND 1!)
12th Jun – Collie Stadium
11th Jul – Wanneroo Main Track (ROUND 2!)
24th Jul – Wanneroo Infield
15th Aug – Wanneroo Main Track (ROUND 3!)
26th Sep – Wanneroo Infield
30th/31st Oct – Collie Matsuri
5th Dec – Jacks Hill

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