On Saturday 27th June 2020, 20 virtual racers headed to RaceKraft Simulations in Western Australia for the first-ever LUXE Performance Racing for MNDi Sim Cup.

An array of people lined up to race from ages 10 to 50, skilled and the not so skilled, real racers, sim racers and those just there to raise money for a good cause.

Brent Peters from LUXE Performance organised the event after losing his mother to the disease. He thought that he could have a get together, some fun and raise money for a good cause at the same time.

Various businesses and people jumped onboard offering cash donations, prizes or services for the event. The list included RaceKraft Simulations, P1 Advanced Racewear Australia, PHASE Hire, Chew Chew Truck, Autopro Wanneroo, Turn 7 Media, DC Auto Centre, BeardySnaps, Natrad Morley, Behind The Sport, FLASH Uniformes and Scott Medhurst.

The event was broadcast live with commentary from Chris Mitchell and Geoff Duckworth.

In total over $4,000 was raised for the foundation with plans already in motion for the next event in 2021.


Racing for MNDi was established April 2017. MNDi, (pronouced Mindi), represents Motor Neurone Disease inherited. With a focus on inherited forms of Motor Neurone Disease, Racing for MNDi aims to raise the profile of MND in Australia and seek a cure through genetic based medical research.

Currently, there is no successful treatment or cure for MND. Racing for MNDi’s funds will go toward research based on inherited forms of MND. Our belief is that investigating inherited forms will help to understand the MND mystery and lead to treating and curing all those suffering with MND.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND), also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a debilitating and terminal illness. It can randomly attack anyone, this is known as sporadic; or it can be passed down in families, known as inherited forms. Nerve cells that control the muscles degenerate and die so the ability to speak, move, swallow and breathe deteriorate and slowly fail to function.