Two years on from a two year hiatus the Junior Dragster category was full of talented youngsters vying to be on the top step at the WA Nitro Championships round.

For Zara Board, in her My Little Pony adorned dragster, she had to take on three elimination rounds prior to heading into the final round against Brock Moresby. 

Zara put in an 8.047 against Tahlia Martin in the first elimination, followed up with a 7.993 against a dragster with a huge family pedigree, Brodie Zappia and finally dispatching Cooper Moresby in an 8.010 to setup a finale with Brock Moresby. Interestingly Zara nominated 7.98, 7.98 and 7.96 as her run teams and did well not to blow them out with the actual run.

The path to the final was a little less busy for Brock Moresby where he defeated Beau Ferguson 8.132 to 8.081, then had a 2nd elimination with Angel Bakranich where he came out above Angel on an 8.118. There was no third elimination for Brock Moresby where he instead ended up straight into the finals.

For the final round Zara nominated a 7.99 and ran an 8.053 much to the delight of her family at the staging area.

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