The time finally arrived, the orange band was slapped on the wrist and the ever cheerful Chris Mitchell was on babysitting duties. It was time for this guy to spend some time on the otherside of the fence at Whoop Ass Wednesdays, a staple in anyone with a need for speed, at the Perth Motorplex.

Whoop Ass Wednesday is held each Wednesday night between October and May and each week has a theme for cars that want to race down the 1/4 mile strip and ends with a small burnout session or an hour of power where things really get loose on the pad.

While each week has a theme, as long as your vehicle meets scruitineering, you can enter it in. The only exception being the All Bike nights where, well you have to have a bike.

This week’s theme was BOOST NIGHT where entrants with boosted vehicles got half price entry, the rest paid full price.

Looking around the staging areas, the cars were hugely varied from brand new Audi’s through to a VW Beetle which put in some respectable times. Plus some cars you’d expect to see towing the competitor cars, not heading down the strip. A green Jeep Wrangler unlimited lined up against a clearly non standard Colarado and a beautiful presented EK ute.

If you’d read my last article about my visit to Whoop Ass Wednesday, back in 2019, I can tell you the security team were much friendlier to everyone, with and without wristband which was a fantastic change. Full credit to whoever made that change!

The general format for the Whoop Ass Wednesday nights for the competiors was as follows:

Arrive, get car scruitineered, park up, go to staging lane, banter with your mates, wait for the lane to be wiped if needed, wait for the burnout area to be wet down again, choose to do a burnout or not, stage your car .. with the FRONT wheels, not the BACK wheels, wait for the green light and GO .. return via the slip road, get your official time sheet, bask in the beauty of your surrounds.. oh and don’t run over the media people.

If you’re looking for pure straight line speed test or to burn some rubber in preparation for the burnout competitions of Motorvation, Skidfest, Powercruise etc, these nights are cheap to enter and the best way to do it.

For more details check out the Perth Motorplex website and stay tuned as this circuit racer delves deeper into the world of drag racing over the next few months!

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