Winter is coming but that won’t stop tyres being fried at Wanneroo Raceway over the first weekend in June.

On Friday 4th June, the DriftWest team will be running a Friday night practice session with infield training for newcomers. The DriftWest practice have been going from strength to strength with even wet conditions at their previous outing unable to put a dampner on entrant numbers.

The weather for the next outing of the DriftWest practice nights is looking to be a chilly but fine evening.

Moving on to Saturday 5th June, the team at West Coast Commdores is holding its 12th Skidfest event which at last update was completely filled with entrants. There’s going to be skid limos, Mater the tow truck from Cars, Reckless, GrumpyVS, Skiddls and so many more.

The event starts at 12.30pm and winds up at 10.30pm meaning 10 hours of skidding action for those who like the smell of burning rubber in the afternoon, evening and late into the night.

Keep an eye out on the Skidfest 12 Facebook page for updates!

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