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V8 powered S5000 completes laps at Mount Panorama

The category that has been turning heads first at their demonstration events and then as part of their first full season this year, the S5000s, have completed data gathering laps at the famed Mount Panorama ahead of the categories expected debut at the circuit in November this year as part of the Bathurst International.

The car driven by 2nd generation driver Brayden Willmington, son of Garry Willmington who started the Bathurst 1000 21 times, was behind the wheel in the untimed laps.

Although the laps were untimed, some motorsport fans were quick to jump on the new category’s social media pages saying the lap times looked slow, however the S5000 team pointed out on social media that it was “4 laps on cold tyres, at a circuit he’d (Willmington) had never been before. The exercise was just some basic data gathering to help basic car spec for the race in November. There is speculation the cars might beat 2 mins 00. We’ll see.”

“That was unreal, I know why dad raves on about this place so much,” Willmington enthused. “My first laps around here, in this car were incredible… just incredible.”

“The laps were great and we had no issues at all. The front wing I don’t think scraped anywhere.. it’s a bit bumpy out there, but so was Sandown so that’s nothing new for these cars. It hit one time on the underneath of my seat going up Mountain Straight, but nowhere else.”

“The car felt awesome and really good under brakes. I’m not pushing too hard yet, just taking it easy and working my way up to it.”

For anyone interested in seeing the laps, check out the coverage of the Bathurst 6 hour on Channel 7.


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