The Thunder Sports Cup in conjunction with AASA are working towards creating a relevant and sustainable future for Motorsport in Australia.

They recently announced a 2021 rule update that includes a Hybrid section that they feel will help keep them relevant in the future and creates another option on how to fast in the cars competitors build.

While they are not specifically talking about the Hybrid cars like Toyota Prius’ or forcing competitors to change their cars, upgrade or spend loads of money. They simply want to provide another way for competitors to make power in alternative ways.

The rules have been written in a way that a Hybrid vehicle should produce a lap time similar to a non-Hybrid vehicle with the same power. Various limits are in place to ensure that on track action and battles remain. No repeating of the mistake Formula 1 has done with their hybrid power era.

The rule changes have been approved in principal with a few items still to be checked off including an Electric Vehicle response plan for recovery of those vehicles before the rules are signed off fully.

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