Women in Motorsport

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FLASH FEMMES - Ellie Thorley

“We just get on with it… while having the most amount of fun… Summernats is proof you can run events in the climate that exists, it's just about adapting”

FLASH FEMMES - Mel & Olivia Wilkey

“If someone is giving you a hard time to do something, you have to listen... You have to take it on and improve.”

FLASH FEMMES - Gabriella Dolan

Bridget Bell catches up with Junior Dragster Gabriella Dolan

FIA Girls on Track arrives in Perth

It is finally Perth’s time to enjoy the FIA Girls on Track event with recent events in Tasmania

Debut success for new all female team

Success comes in many forms but for Brisbane locals Michelle and Kass, it means more than a podium finish. Winner

Burson backs Girls on Track program

The FIA Girls on Track program continues to go from strength to strength with motorsport related entities getting behind the

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