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Double Trouble in this one with both Josh’s FG and Bilsto’s BF!

Josh’s ute which is yet another car that if not for the giveaway cut out in the headlight would be one of the most unassuming cars driving around doing the shopping run, but the list of specs on this one tells a very different story.

And Ian’s, well, there is no mucking around going on under the shell of this one, this is definitely strictly business.

Check out what the boys put the XR6 Turbo’s through on our freshly prepped radial surface…

And if you haven’t seen the behind the scenes documentary on what went into the track for the upcoming days prior to this event, go and have a look!

The prep video has been months in the making – with alot of thought, effort and preparation behind the scenes (and we mean ALOT) to make this a truly unique and educational watch for anyone interested in learning just what it takes to turn a track from ‘ok’ to ‘elite’!

Seeing some of the W.A Radial Cars finally get the track they’ve been dreaming of here at the Perth Motorplex in Western Australia was a huge deal, and it’s definitely only just the beginning now that we’ve seen what is actually capable.

Check out the interviews with the experts – Justin, Lorenzo and Brendan to get the ins and outs of the weekend and what it took to put this educational documentary together.

Radial Track Prep video link:

Build Specs below:

2008 FG XR6 Turbo Ute
Engine – Stock Bottom End FG Barra
Heads – Stock FG Head, Atomic Head Studs and Head Gasket, Billet Oil Pump Gears
Camshaft – Stock Cams with Crow Valve Springs
Valvetrain – Atomic HD Timing Chain Kit w/ Crank Sprocket
Intake – Stock FG Inlet Manifold w/ Custom Fabricated Elbow to Plazmaman 72mm Cable Throttlebody, Plazmaman Billet Fuel Rail w/ Bosch 1650cc Injectors
Turbo – Garrett G45-1500 w/ 1.10 Vband Rear Housing, 6Boost Large Runner Promod Style Vband Manifold w/ Turbosmart 60mm Wastegate, Jonny Tig Intercooler with Custom 3″ Intercooler Piping
Exhaust – Custom 4″ Dump Pipe finishing next to Transmission
Fuel – E85
Fuel System – Tray Mounted Fuel Cell with 2 x Walbro 525 Pumps Intank
Gearbox – LSX Powertrain T400 w/ TCE Converter
Driveline – DBS 2-Piece Driveshaft
Diff – Factory FG 3.23 Diff
Wheels and Tires – Street Pro 17×4.5 Front Wheels w/ MT 26×6 Tyres, Racestar 15×8 Rear Wheels w/ MT 275 Pro Radials
Suspension – Factory Rear Suspension with Gazzard Bros Traction Bars, BC Coil Overs up front
ECU – Holley EFI HP ECU w/ 6.86″ Pro Dash
Power Figure – 921rwhp
Tuned by – Jeff Johnson @ Power Management Solutions
Personal Best ET – 9.26 @150mph with a 1.49 60ft

2006 BF XR6 Turbo Ute
Engine – Built Barra, Stock Block and Crank with Forged H-Beam Rods and Diamond Pistons
Heads – Stock BF, ARP Head Studs (with Genuine Head Gasket), FG Rocker Cover w/ PRP R35 Coil Kit
Intake – Stock Lower Manifold w/ Nizpro Plenum Modified w/ Plazmaman Throttlebody Flange and a Plazmaman 72mm Cable T/Body, Plazmaman Billet Fuel Rail w/ ID2000 Injectors
Turbo – Garrett Gen2 GTX4508R w/ 1.10 T4 housing, 6boost High Mount T4 Manifold w/ Turbosmart 50mm Pro-Gate, Process West Intercooler Modified w/ 3.5″ Inlet/Outlet and all Custom 3.5″ Intercooler Piping
Rotating Assembly – Billet Oil Pump Gears, Atomic Billet Flexplate, Ross Balancer
Camshaft – Stock Cams with Crow Valve Springs
Valvetrain – Atomic HD Timing Chain Kit w/ Crank Sprocket
Exhaust – 4″ Dump Pipe into a Single 4″ full exhaust all the way to the bumper w/ 2 x Mufflers
Fuel – E85
Fuel System – Tray Mounted Fuel Cell w/ 3 x Intank Walbro 525 Fuel Pumps and a Magnafuel Reg up front
Gearbox – Shotgun Transmissions Convertor into an LSX Powertrain TH400 w/ Torque Power Bellhousing
Driveline – Final Drive 2-piece Driveshaft
Diff – 9″ Rear End with 3.25 Gears and 31 Spline Axles
Wheels and Tires – Weld Magnum 17×4 Front Runners with Weld Classic RT 15×9″ Rears w/ MT 275 Pro Radials
Suspension – Calvert Leaf Springs w/ Caltracs and Rear Sliders, AFCO 7″ BGX Rear Shocks and XYZ Front Coil Overs
Interior – BMRC Andra Approved Cage and Parachute Mount, Kicked Race Seats with an Otherwise Factory Interior
ECU – Holley Dominator EFI with 6.86″ Pro Dash and CO2 Boost Control
Power Figure – 1050rwhp
Tuned by – Jeff Johnson @ Power Management Solutions
Personal Best ET – 9.37 @152mph with a 1.50 60ft

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WA Radial Cars at Round 3 of the WA Drag Racing Championship Series and featuring the Twin Turbocharged LS Powered VK Commodore!

The sun was out again, the track was steaming and continued to present a challenge throughout the day but as the temps dropped and the track started to come on, so did those ET’s!

Soundtrack Credit: Slynk – Misty

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