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Daniel Smith: An Instant Obsession

The snaps, pops and crackles of exhausts notes penetrate the not-so-soundproofed walls of the Perth Northbridge TAFE radio-studio on a Friday night. A student perks up his ears and rushes out in curiosity; what is making that sound?

Season 0002 – Episode 0006 | Denver Parker

Fake American Denver Parker from Land Whale Racing team jumps in for a chat about motorsport, landing upside down in creeks and more. After starting in sprint events, motorkhanas and other entry level events, Denver finally stepped up his game with a 7 year build of a Nissan R33 with

Season 0002 – Episode 0005 | Marc Roissetter

Motorsport and Events Manager of the WA Sporting Car Club joins us for Episode 5 of Behind the Sport to discuss all things Marc and the car club. The WA Sporting Car Club owns and operates the Wanneroo Raceway circuit in Perth, Western Australia and is a regular feature on

Season 0002 - Episode 0002 - Tom Hamlett

Head of Pomtec Motorsport Tom Hamlett joins us for a chat about all things Tom & Pomtec, plus Excel Racing, Shane going arse over tit and much more!

Season 0002 - Episode 0001 | Adam Marjoram

The wait is over! Season 2, Episode 1 has landed! Behind the Sport returns in to the studio now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and we’ve got a huge line up for this season appearing in the studio and via remote feed! Plus our first guest, who

Ross Tapper amongst trio of motorsport people to receive Medal of the Order of Australia.

Targa West head honcho Ross Tapper was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) this year alongside off road superstar Toby Price and the late Maurice Smith. Ross was our guest on Episode 0028 of Behind the Sport and rather than read about his history, have a listen

Season 0001 - Episode 0027 - Cameron Edwards

Cameron Edwards is one of the people behind the scenes of motorsport as well as a seasoned competitor. We asked him to jump on to our motorsport podcast Behind the Sport for a chat about his history, what he’s up to now, and what the future could hold
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