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Supercheap Auto signs up to support grassroots motorsport

With Supercheap Auto signing on as the governing body’s Official Auto Parts Partner, grassroots competitors, clubs and officials will be big winners, with Supercheap Auto focused on giving back to the motorsport community through this new deal.

Season 0002 - Episode 0002 - Tom Hamlett

Head of Pomtec Motorsport Tom Hamlett joins us for a chat about all things Tom & Pomtec, plus Excel Racing,

Boley pips Johnson for round win as Saloon Car racing dominates June race meet

The classic Australian motorsport battle of Ford vs Holden is alive and well in the Saloon Cars series which has

Our Top 4 daily drive motorsport events

We love motorsport and we love it when you can take your daily drive to motorsport events because that equates

How to support Grassroots Motorsport

You’ll often here the cry for more support of grassroots motorsport, so aside from competing and spending thousands

Northam Motor Sport Festival celebrates 21st anniversary

The Northam Motor Sport Festival celebrates its 21st anniversary this weekend with an action packed weekend featuring the Bendigo Bank

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