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National TA2 Racing Calendar released

National TA2 series includes two rounds in Western Australia and one in Bathurst as special rounds. Close to 80 TA2 cars are expected in Australia in 2022.

WA Sporting Car Club speeds towards Night Finale

Western Australia’s circuit racing season is heading towards the night finale in November and had two days of track

Kumho Tyre Backs New V8 Classic Racing Series

Kumho Tyre Australia throws its support behind the new V8 Classic Racing Series, which will see some of the most

MARC Cars Australia Announces Stand-Alone Series with AMRS for 2022

The proudly Australian-designed and engineered MARC Cars will have their very own racing platform next season, MARC Cars Australia management

Van Gisbergen goes back-to-back on Sunday at the Merlin Darwin Triple Crown

Van Gisbergen continues his Repco Supercars Championship lead with back-to-back wins on Sunday at the Merlin Darwin Triple Crown, but

Our Top 4 daily drive motorsport events

We love motorsport and we love it when you can take your daily drive to motorsport events because that equates

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