In the lead up to the return of Supercars to Perth, we'd thought we'd list out our Supercars related episodes since we started, Nick Percat, Brad Jones, Charlie Bullis, Alex Rullo and more have all joined us for a chat so far.

We also decided that it was no better time to lock in our 50th episode guest who will be from the Supercars family too. Who will that be?

We've got our 50th episode guest locked in and will be from

Season 0002 - Episode 0017 | Charlie Bullis
Charlie Bullis is a Digital Content Producer for Supercars and takes us through how she got into motorsport, FIA Girls on Track, her new project Careers with Gears, plus some fantastic behind the scenes chat about Supercars and the upcoming Perth event
Season 0002 - Episode 0016 | Grant Johnson
For Grant Johnson, motorsport is all about having fun. If he’s not having fun, he’s not going to race. So how did this late bloomer to motorsport end up competing in the V8 Utes series?
Season 0002 - Episode 0015 | Alex Rullo
Karting, Hyundai Excels, Super 3, Super 2, Supercars, GT, Targa and so much more, he’s traded paints with the best of the best in Australian motorsport and he’s not done yet.Get an insight into what it takes at the top level and what his plans are for two snails and a Lambo.
Season 0002 - Episode 0001 | Adam Marjoram
The wait is over! Season 2, Episode 1 has landed! Behind the Sport returns in to the studio now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and we’ve got a huge line up for this season appearing in the studio and via remote feed! Plus our first guest, who
Season 0001 - Episode 0011 - Brad Jones
Brad Jones joins us for Episode 0011 discussing how life has always been about motorsport, helping Peter Brock set his fastest lap around Mount Panorama, getting the Hollywood treatment with Jackie Chan and much more
Season 0001 - Episode 0009 - Joshua Fife
Another of the Brad Jones Racing team jumps on for a chat with us, this time it is 19 year old, 2 time Australian Karting champion Joshua Fife. We chat about his early days, who his ultimate teammate would be and flappy paddles or no flappy paddles?
Season 0001 - Episode 0007 - Madeline Stewart
At just 19 years old, Madeline Stewart is on a path to the main game of V8 Supercars. Having taken the leap from Karts straight to Super3, a feeder series for Supercars, Madeline joined us to discuss her journey so far, how many pies Brad Jones eats and much more.
Season 0001 - Episode 0006 - Nick Percat
In this week’s episode, we catch up with Brad Jones Racing driver Nick Percat for a chat about his early motorsport history, sim racing, Nelson the Chocolate Labrador, his helmet, mental health, and much more
Season 0001 - Episode 0004 - Adam Marjoram
Recently “retired” Super2 and former V8 Utes driver Adam Marjoram joins us to talk about how he got started in motorsport, his biggest supporter, what the future holds for him and why he left motorsport.

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