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Shell V-Power Racing Team Unveils Indigenous Livery Dedicated to Racing Together Programme

The Shell V-Power Racing Team today unveils a special Indigenous livery for the upcoming Darwin Triple Crown. The Shell V-Power Racing Team is dedicated to the Racing Together programme that’s designed to give 12-to-18-year-old Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders an opportunity to pursue a career in motorsport as a driver or a member of a race team.

The Shell V-Power Racing Team is a strong supporter of the programme. Ryan Story, the Team’s Chairman and CEO is a director of the Racing Together board, while Viva Energy the exclusive licensee of the Shell brand in Australia, recently announced a new three-year partnership with the programme. Braedyn Cidoni is the designer of the Supercar livery and a Racing Together team member.

“The opportunity to highlight Racing Together and its objectives at the Darwin Triple Crown by way of an Indigenous livery supported by all of our partners and put together by Braedyn, who is the Racing Together race driver, is something of a remarkable story,” said Story.

“I am very proud to be associated with the Racing Together organisation as a director, and what ties everything together for me is that Viva Energy, our major sponsor, is also a significant supporter of the project.

“We’re partners in racing, and we’re partners in business. The opportunity to raise awareness and to increase involvement in both STEM and motorsport for young Indigenous Australians is something that we should all aspire to.”

The partnership between Racing Together and Viva Energy ties in closely with the energy company’s vision for reconciliation as a nation where Indigenous people have equal and equitable opportunities to reach their destination. Viva Energy aspires to contribute to a society that is enriched by cultural diversity.

Seventeen-year-old Cidoni is thrilled to not only be the driver for Racing Together but also to have designed the Supercar livery. His work was inspired by artist Allison Millcock’s “Turtles Crossing Cultures”.

“While Allison’s art represents her longing to connect with her ancestors, I used the turtle to highlight the environment and the wildlife that we need to protect and added the snake to represent the fierceness and power behind the Racing Together team,” said Cidoni.

“I have always wanted to be a race car driver, and the Racing Together programme has given me the opportunity to do that. I couldn’t believe I was selected out of everyone to be the driver.

“Our team has many different roles like engineer, mechanic and social media, and everyone is so happy to be part of the team – we’ve bonded, and all become really good friends.”

The Shell V-Power Racing Team Indigenous livery can be seen on track at the Darwin Triple Crown, 18-20 June.

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