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S5000 gets technical designation as 2021 Gold Star remains wide open for Mawson, Randle and Macrow

The S5000 chassis has finally got a technical designation as the championship heads to Sydney Motorsport Park for the final round of the S5000 championship this year.

The designation of Rogers AF01/V8 gives a nod to Garry Rogers Motorsport’s influence over the development, design and construction of all the S5000 Chassis.

Breaking down the whole designation it reads as follows:

Rogers – After Garry Rogers Motorsport
AF – Australian Formula
01 – 1st Generation
V8 – The engine size

The S5000 is an entirely Australian affair with the chassis built by GRM’s Dandenong workshop, InnoV8 Race Engines in Queensland developing and building the Ford Coyote V8 engine, Melbourne based Holinger and MoTeC providing drivetrain and electronics and other local products featuring throughout the cars steering and suspension systems.

As for the Gold Star championship, Team BRM driver Joey Mawson currently sits ahead of team-mate Thomas Randle by 40 points with Tim Macro behind Randle by just 3 points. The final round of the championship has 130 points on the line, so anyone could win that coveted Gold Star for 2021.

The S5000s will be at Round 3 of the 2021 Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships at Sydney Motorsport Park from April 30 – May 2nd. For more details including the schedule check out this link.

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