Using Our Logo

Our Logo Usage Guidelines

So you want to use our logo?!

We’re happy for it to appear on your motorsport vehicle to show your support for the website, or in other appropriate spots.

However please be aware that “Behind the Sport” and “#BECAUSEWELOVEMOTORSPORT” are registered trademarks so there are some things that must be adhered to.

  • No using the logo on merchandise that you profit from. If you would like to use it in merchandise you can contact us and discuss it.
  • You can not use the logo in any official capacity.
  • All usage of it must be sent to for archives and to ensure that we are aware of its usage. 
  • No modifications to the logo, wording, colours are permitted without authorisation.
  • Behind the Sport and #BECAUSEWELOVEMOTORSPORT can not be seperated, except in the usage of the #BECAUSEWELOVEMOTORSPORT as a tag in a social media post.
  • Colours must be maintained as per the logo usage guidelines on our website

Logo Specifications

Behind the Sport must appear in pure Black or pure White only (CMYK 100% or 0% as an example)

#BECAUSEWELOVEMOTORSPORT is to appear in Red as follows:
HSB: 0, 100%, 100%
RGB: 255, 0, 0
Lab: 54, 81, 70
CMYK: 0, 99%, 100%, 0%
HEX: #ff000

The text outline must be the opposite of what Behind the Sport appears in and a noticeable gap must be maintained between between Behind the Sport and #BECAUSEWELOVEMOTORSPORT


Logo Usage Form

Please let us know how you're going to use our logo and where. If it will be going on an online format, please include the URL.