After 2 amazing rounds of the WA Outlaw Nitro Championship Series held at the Perth Motorplex, time has come to call it a day with the last round coming up on March 20th 2021.

It’s an anything goes race, no holds barred, no handicap, first to the end wins the challenge with West Australian drivers Andrew Katavatis, Anthony Begley, Michael Brooks and Shannon Taylor taking on the Nothern Territory invaders of Mat Abel and Nathan Coles.

Katavatis currently holds the top spot with 190 points with the two Nothern Territorians behind him on 100 points apiece.

Over in the Super Sedans’ Jodi Thorstensen is returning to the strip for the second time after crashing out of the 2020 Westernationals, an accident in which while looking particularly nasty saw Thorstensen walk out of the car with just a bruise. A testament to the safety systems in place at the motorplex and within the car. After a shakedown at the 2021 Westernationals she’s said looking to the WA Outlaw Nitro Championship event “I don’t have any expectations for this Saturday, I just want to run consistently, have some fun and some more seat time racing the car and see where that leads.”

Commentator turned competitor Jarrod Maclean is back on his Honda CBR in the Modified Bike category which will be his final event of the season. We caught up with him and he told us “This will actually be our final event of the season (due to a wedding on the grand final date) so all the hard work and knowledge we’ve absorbed comes down to this. We’ve proven the Autopro Bentley CBR can be consistent and it’s now up to me to provide a result. If I can string three solid passes together in qualifying, I feel I can carry that across into a convincing Round 1 performance.”

Staying on the commentating side of things, Motorplex commentator Chris Mitchel summed up his feelings on the event in this beautifully worded message “I love how the nitro burns the nostril hairs, not starting at the tips, but burning from the follicals back out. Oh yeh. The instantaneous removal of the moisture from your extremities and the feeling of your chest being stomped on as the drivers hit the loud pedal. There’s nothing like it.”

On that note, we don’t think there’s anything else to be said, other than check out the Motorplex website for full details!

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