Every few weeks during the year, the Supercars circus rolls into a city and puts on an event showcasing the pinnacle of Australian motorsport to large crowds. Along with this they bring the supporting cast of Stadium Super Trucks, Super2, Super3 and others to keep interest up in between races.

However with COVID19 restrictions in place and grumblings from fans about making the whole circus more interesting, wouldn’t it be time for Supercars to reimagine itself a little?
There is ONE big thing they could do, which would actually increase interest in their own series .. and that is ..

Local Category Inclusion

Once a month in each state, the state championships are held across various categories with privateers and hobbyists heading out on track to enjoy what they love. Going fast in their own car.

However spectator numbers have dwindled at these events for many reasons, one being that the casual motorsport fan doesn’t know they are on generally.

A fantastic option for Supercars as the drivers would be excited to be on the same track as the main event, receive TV and press coverage for their local clubs and in turn boost numbers on the general race events.

So how about it Supercars? With only the main series looking to travel for the rest of 2020, how about inviting some local categories to race too?

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