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Broc Feeney named in the 20 best young sports stars under 20.

Will Broc Feeney re-write more records this year? Youngest race winner and youngest champion is up for grabs!

PHOTO: Supplied without credit PHOTO: Supplied without credit

The 19 year old, turning 20 in October, Feeney who became the youngest ever Dunlop Super2 Series champion in Decmeber 2021 has now been named in the Top 20 athletes under 20 list published by the Daily Telegraph.

Feeney joins Olympic champions and those who dominate some of the bigger more covered sports on the list. Feeney said on his social media that "[it] was very cool to be mentioned in the Top 20 athletes under 20 in Australia".

Names such as 17-year-old and two-time Olympic gold medallist swimmer Mollie O’Callaghan and NRL and Super League player Ben Walker featured in the top 20, along with Matildas forward, 18-year-old Mary Fowler.

Looking forward to the 2022 Repco Supercars Championship, Feeney will get another opportunity to rewrite the books if he can win a race before August 21st 2022 which will see him oust three-time champion Scott McLaughlin as the youngest race winner in Supercars history.

He also has the chance to claim the youngest champion on record if he wins the 2022 or 2023 championship.

This might seam an impossible task but he joins defending champions Shane van Gisbergen and Red Bull Ampol Racing this year so the car is there, now the pressure is on for him to take the win!

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