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Bathurst 6 Hour - Sunday Wrap

It was the final day of the 2021 Bathurst 6 Hour and with plenty of on-track action, close racing and some rough incidents the spectators were kept entertained thoroughly with all the action. 

Something to remember is that if you enjoyed classes such as Radical Australia and Excel Cup, they can be seen at your local race tracks for state-level racing every month and is a perfect place to get up close to the cars and drivers and find out what goes into them.

Radical Australia

Speaking of the Radical Australia cars, they were first out on track for the final day of the Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 hour and continued their “we aren’t just here to make up numbers” ways with an entertaining 45-minute race.

After the early yellow flag, the race found its groove and after the pit stops were taken, racing got serious.

Although there was similar results at the front end where Neale Muston who was dominant in his SR8 during qualfiying and practice couldn’t quite find the racing line and came third.

Brad Shiels and Peter Paddon continued their dueling from Day with Paddon taking out the win after some on-track back and forth between the two.

National Trans Am Series

Aaron Seton and Nathan Herne kept their names on the spectator’s tongues as they had all weekend continuing their close racing long into the final race of the weekend. 

Herne finally managed to get the better of Seton passing him in the opening lap of the race and holding Seton at bay for the remainder of the race. Seton didn’t take it laying down though constantly pushing the youngers Herne but finishing two tenths of a second behind.

Owen Kelly’s retirement from the race opened up the door for Tim Brook to push and get a podium finish, his first for the weekend, while Hugh McAlister finished fifth behind Eden Thornburrow in fourth.

Motorsport Australia GT Championship

Yasser Shahin saved the best for last in the Motorsport Australia GT Championship category battling with Prince Jeffri Ibrahim in the Triple Eight Racing Mercedes AMG for the entire race.

Shahin waited until an opportunity presented itself at Forest’s Elbow where he overtook Ibrahim heading off down Conrod Straight securing him a victory of eight tenths.

The victory saw Ibrahim’s co-driver Shane van Gisbergen lose his perfect run of results across the weekend and in 2021 so far where he has seen him win every race he has been a part of. Tough break.

In third place Tony Bates and Chaz Mostert kept Stephen and Brenton Grove at bay who just edged out Brad Schumacher for fourth. After a scary crash on Friday Schumacer’s stellar performance showed a great recovery from it.

Supercheap Auto TCR Australia

Ahh Supercheap Auto TCR Australia. Where have you been all our lives? Thanks for another entertaining race!

Chaz Mostert. Aaron Cameron. EXTREMELY tight battle at the front. Cameron seems to have the upper hand over Mostert at the start but perhaps that’s just the delayed boost from his V8 sponsor Monster Energy kicking in as Mostert eventually got the place back with just two laps to go.

Jordan Cox remained one of the drivers of the weekend as he came from 22nd to third in just three races.

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