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Christopher Mitchell

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  • Perth, Western Australia
I'm just your friendly local Racing superfan Commentator, former racer, Sim racing enthusiast dabbling in the world of motorsports behind the mic, the screen, and now the keyboard on Behind the Sport!

SIM SPACE: Immsource ET3 Sim Racing Wheelbase + FD1 Wheel

Would I buy it? yes.Should you buy it? if you're on the hunt for a new, cheap DD wheel but don't want to wait 3 months for a Fanatec...yes.Is there some teething issues? also yes.Will they take over the market and dominate? I doubt it.

DRAG RACING: Dack Attack's Summer Slam Success

Marty Dack becomes the third different Summer Slam round winner in as many events last weekend, taking out the A final against defending series champion John Zappia at Nitro SLAM.

DRAG RACING: Katavatis' Nitro Redemption at Perth Motorplex

"It's not how we want to do it, but we will take the win when we can!...we've got some new components on the way, and we will come back in a couple of months to do it again"

SIM SPACE: The Racekraft PT-1

This is Build #001, the first in a new line offering from Racekraft - fully custom built solutions, everything is able to be changed out, customized or tweaked to the clients liking...and that's why it comes with the $POA pricetag...the sky is literally the limit.
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