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Bridget Bell

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Bridget Bell is a Motorsport Media Specialist with 10 years experience in Professional Hosting, Television Presenting and Commentating.

FLASH FEMMES: Sarah Holland

“I have ridden horses since I was two years old, I only sold my horse when I got into Drifting. I swapped one horsepower for 450.”

FLASH FEMMES: Lauren “Madam President” Messenger

"Everything we do is on a volunteer basis... we do it because we love motorsport and we want it for our friends. We want it for other people..."

FLASH FEMMES: Natasha Hayden

"The reaction time and your first 60’, that is the race." .. Bridget Bell catches up with Natasha Hayden for a chat about Modified Bike Drag Racing.

FLASH FEMMES - Veronica McCann

It’s Bridget Bell and I’m running late. I hurriedly send a link for the Zoom meeting to Veronica McCann, notable WA Speedway icon, as I’m kicking off my shoes and dragging the laptop to the table.

FLASH FEMMES - Ellie Thorley

“We just get on with it… while having the most amount of fun… Summernats is proof you can run events in the climate that exists, it's just about adapting”

FLASH FEMMES - Mel & Olivia Wilkey

“If someone is giving you a hard time to do something, you have to listen... You have to take it on and improve.”

FLASH FEMMES - Gabriella Dolan

Bridget Bell catches up with Junior Dragster Gabriella Dolan
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