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Ford vs Ferrari? Audi vs McLaren? Arise Racing has you covered...

Very expensive cars doing very expensive things! What else is there to love about the Arise Racing Lights Out event?!

PHOTO: Turn 7 Media PHOTO: Turn 7 Media

Arise Racing announced a few weeks ago the Lights Out event which will feature cars from the LEE Collection and Beyond Customs.

Radical SR10s, Lamborghini GT3, Audi GT2 and the Senna GTR will be up against some new cars to see who gets the crowd vote. Want to see some match ups? Head on over to Arise Racing's Facebook page to have your say on what they are.

Meanwhile, they're running a full day of motorsport action with the infield hosting the JK Motorsport KZ2 shifter karts, Neil Price and his MD Moto Dynamics team will be back after their succesful May 2021 event. Added to the list is the D1WA crew who have become notorious after their decision to run a "drift" car clad in Police insignia to do "drifting" through the streets of Ellenbrook.

We use the term drifting loosely.

But back to this event!

Off track there'll be food tracks, rides and much more for the family to enjoy plus you'll be able to get up close and personal with the cars when they're off track.

Arise Racing is also giving away some Radical Hot Laps to some winners on the day so make sure you keep an ear out on how to win those.


09:00am - Gates open
10:00am - Radical Race Exhibition
10:40am - LEE Collection Parade
11:20am - HEADLINER
12:00pm - KZ2 Shifter Kart Race Exhibition / MD Motor Dynamics Stunt Show
12:30pm - D1WA Drifting exhibition / MD Motor Dynamics Stunt Show
13:00pm - Radical Race Exhibition 2
13:40pm - Barbagallo Ferrari / Porsche Centre Perth Demo
14:20pm - HEADLINER
15:00pm - KZ2 Shifter Kart Race Exhibition / MD Motor Dynamics Stunt Show
15:30pm - D1WA Drifting exhibition / MD Motor Dynamics Stunt Show
16:00pm - Prize Winners Radical Hot Laps
16:40pm - Brand vs Brand Roll Race Exhibition
17:20pm - HEADLINER
18:30pm - Gates close

Get your free tickets to the February 12th event here

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