Erebus Academy Recap: KA3 Junior Heavy – Ryan Wyhoon

Published: Friday December 22 2023

Ryan Wyhoon signed on with the Erebus Academy as the youngest recruit at the beginning of the year and has seen some impressive results during his 2023 karting season.

Racing in the KA3 Junior Heavy category, Ryan has achieved huge success throughout the year and is looking to continue in the category for the 2024 season.

How would you rate your year out of 10 and why?
RH: I’d probably rate the year a seven or a seven and a half. We’ve rode the high a few times throughout the year, but we’ve definitely had some lows.

On the highs, was there a moment this year that you were particularly proud of?
RH: My highlight of the year was definitely finishing third at Morwell. I’m very proud of that because it’s my home track and we were the quickest all weekend I would say. We were up front for every session but we just didn’t have the luck in the final race. Overall though, we put together the fastest laps of the weekend so that was really cool.

You also mentioned you’ve had some lows this year, what was one of the more difficult moments?
RH: We’ve had a lot of engine troubles this year, through no fault of anyone, just unlucky. We’ve also had some incidents that haven’t been ideal but that’s just the way racing goes. The Summer Series weekend at Albury was definitely our hardest weekend. We got a penalty, we were taken out and we had engine issues so that was definitely one to forget.

What would you say was the most important thing you learned this year?
RH: Definitely just to not give up, even if you’re last during the final few laps of any race. It’s motorsport and anything can happen, there’s always something that’s going to get thrown into the works. You see it a lot of times on TV and in movies but there’s always something that happens in the last few laps which can make it really interesting but it also just reminds me to never give up.

What are your plans for next year at this stage?
RH: I definitely want to do some more karting and hopefully do maybe one or two national events. I’ll be staying into KA3 Junior Heavy and if I’m lucky, I’ll hopefully get into some cars and do some things like that.