Nyora Raceway fires up for new season with double header opener across Sunday and Monday

South Gippslands home of motorsport

With Melbourne Cup day coming up next Tuesday and many in the community given the opportunity to take Monday off work, Nyora Raceway will hold competition Sunday and Monday this weekend with major events across both days for the Open Standard Saloons, Crash and Bash Association and Wingless Sprints and Dirt Modifieds. All four classes will compete on both days of racing whilst Ladies Standard Saloons, Sports Sedans and Division 2 Hot Rods will also have a run on either of the two days.

Fans of eight-cylinder engines and the noise and power the cars with them produce will be excited by the V8 Dirt Modifieds competing in a ‘ML Automotive’ $5000 prize pool event across the two days. Daryl Hickson, Matt and Marcus Reddecliffe, Michael Ardley and Warrick Taylor are some of the Nyora member racers competing in the class for the weekend with Hickson the man to beat given his years of running at the front of the field at Nyora.

Standard Saloons will compete for the Dougo 44 race to honour Stephen Douglas formerly of Poowong and for many years a server member and volunteer at Nyora Raceway as well being a much recognised and appreciated Country Fire Authority local member. Everybody competing wants to win the race in honour of their great mate and fellow competitor.

State champion Rhys Lansdown and formerly of Koo Wee Rup before moving to take up a job opportunity will be back to compete, as will Mark Miles of Catani, Chris Miles, Andrew Miles, Brad Warren, Mitch Foster, Warrick Howie a former state champion, Darren Forrest, young guns Kacey Ingram Ally Morrison, Jack Braz, Brodie Robertson, Harry and Owen Cecil and Wayne Sheerman are others to keep an eye on for the big race. So many potential results could happen, will be terrific racing across two days.

Amongst the stout competition in the Wingless Sprints is Koo Wee Rup local Thomas McDonald, Adin Robertson, Jake Warren, Kim Gosling, Ricky Mills from Traralgon, Ben Hodge, Ebony Hobson, Christopher Temby, Travis Millar, and Peter Logue from Morwell. A winner is likely to come from this selection whilst there is many in the entry list close to figuring at the front of the field.

Crash and Bash competition for the Open class that competes on Monday includes local well known racers Jake Young, Dale Morrison the ever-entertaining racer when it comes to Crash and Bash, Brad Warren, Jayde Aarts, and Ron George. Throw in Mark Hebblethwaite who is consistently at the front of the field, fast man Ryan Taylor, Matt Nelson, and Kenneth Mankey for extra carnage. Brad Warren was the last winner at Alexandra in August and has a target as always on his back. Monday should be seriously entertaining in the Open class.

The Ladies class competes on the Sunday. State champion Leeanne Young leads the last seasons championship runners up Kath George and third place Romney Stirling-Anderson into battle. Competitors such as Sharon Morrison, Danni Marshall, Felicity Roycroft, and Lea Judd are just some of the Ladies keen for a spin!

Standard Saloon Ladies compete on Sunday as do the Sports Sedans whilst the Division 2 Hot Rods are scheduled for Monday.

Racing on Sunday begins at 4pm whilst on Monday racing begins at 6:30pm. Pre-event online ticket purchase prices are adults at $25, Pensioners for aged care and disabled at $10, teenagers aged 12 to 16 at $5 all kids up to the age of eleven free. A family ticket of two adults and two teenagers is $55-.

Do yourself a financial favour and pre buy online and turn up to the gate and with your phone and you will have a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Purchase of tickets at the track gate see’s pricing change to adults at $30, Pensioners for aged care and disabled at $10, teenagers aged 12 to 16 at $10 all kids up to the age of eleven free. A family ticket of two adults and two teenagers is $60-.

Eftpos is available at the track and for enquiries you may contact 0428 847 888.

Nyora would like to thank their supporters all very much.
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Burson Autoparts
Cecil Cartage
Earthlink Electrical
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Gippsland Metal Recyclers
Highline Racewear
John Duff & Co – Shell
Magnet Towing
Membrey’s Transport
Miles Mechanical
Miss Embroider
ML Automotive
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Bobby Baxter – Victoria 2
Matt Reddecliffe – Victoria 28
Marcus Reddecliffe – Queensland 29
Tyler Scott – Victoria 37
Warrick Taylor – Victoria 43
Michael Ardley – Victoria 59
Hobson Motorsport – Victoria 84
Daryl Hickson – Victoria 92

James Schneider – Victoria 5
Thomas McDonald – Victoria 20
Ricky Mills – VX 21 (Sunday Only)
Brayden Whiting – VX 25 (Sunday Only)
Kai Malley – VX 27
Ben Shaw – Victoria 27
Adin Robertson – VX 34
Michael Loxton – Victoria 40
Scott Irons – Victoria 52
Jake Warren – VX 58 (Sunday only)
Daryl Coon – VX 60
Kim Gosling – VX 68
Aron Lawrence – Victoria 70
Jack Regan – VX 73
Ben Hodge – VX 74
Andrew Coon – VX 80
Renae Eastham – Victoria 88
Ebony Hobson – Victoria 89 (Sunday Only)
Todd Hobson – Victoria 89 (Monday Only)
Christopher Temby – VX 89
Travis Millar – Victoria 93
Scott Cole – VX 93
Peter Logue – Victoria 98

Rhys Lansdown – Victoria 1
Mitch Foster – Bairnsdale 4
Warrick Howie – Wangaratta 7
Brodie Robertson – Nyora 8
Shane Ardley – Alexandra 9
Mark Miles – Nyora 12
Matt Davis – Nyora 14
Chris Miles – Nyora 18
Bailey Perkins – Rosedale 22
Owen Cecil – Nyora 30
Ally Morrison – Nyora 31
Andrew Miles – Nyora 34
Justin Cadman – Nyora 39
Darren Forrest – Alexandra 41
Jack Braz – Rosedale 42
Kacey Ingram – Nyora 43
Dean Sprint – Nyora 50
Harry Cecil – Nyora 56
Logan Mair – Nyora 61
Bradley Warren – Nyora 63
Wayne Sheerman – Alexandra 69
Phil Keep – Drouin 71
Gus Argoon – Nyora 81
Scott Deville – Rosedale 86
Jay Miles – Nyora 94

Leeanne Young – Victoria 1
Kath George – Victoria 2
Romney Stirling-Anderson – Victoria 3
Sharon Morrison – 13
Brenda George – 22
Emily Foster – 41
Danni Marshall – 44
Felicity Roycroft – 82
Jess McConchie – 145
Lea Judd – 187
Sam Robinson – 279
Simone Rawlins – 283
Bianca Ballantyne – 889

Jake Young – 9
Dale Morrison – 13
William Leeson  – 41
Ryan Taylor – 45
Josh Milroy – 55
Anthony Sharam – 57
Mark Taylor – 74
Felicity Roycroft – 82
Brad Warren – 84
James Carden – David – 90
Scott MacDonald – Johnson – 92
Jaydan Taylor – 145
Jayde Aarts – 187
Jackson Basten – 192
Clint Robinson – 310
Paul Mitchell – 355
Glen Robinson – 450
Mark Hebblethwaite – 474
Matt Nelson – 619
Ron George – 707
Kenneth Mankey – 889

Mel Tatterson – Victoria 3
Robert Tatterson – Moe 11
Peter Disher – Moe 21
Daniel Angus – Nyora 42
Troy Hutchison – Rosedale 74
Dale Whitfield – Nyora 95

Simon Bent – Nyora 10
Matt Shankland – Nyora 17
Shannon Burke – Alexandra 19
Seth Bent – Nyora 24
Chris Aarts – Nyora 29
Daniel Angus – Nyora 42
Gavan Dorain – Drouin 49

Michelle George – Drouin 5
Jamie Barber – Wangaratta 7 (Victorian Champion)
Maddison Miles – Nyora 18
Bronwyn Miles – Nyora 34
Bree Walker – Rosedale 50
Caroline Allen – Nyora 55
Simone Taylor – Bairnsdale 81

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media
For Nyora Raceway inc.



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