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SAVAGE Launches from the 12A Turbo Rotary Datto Ute at the Radial Prep Track Hire!

The “Pineapple” made the most of the opportunity to come down and have a go at beating its previous PB on this freshly prepped track.

Unfortunately the Clutch Slipper had other ideas and decided it need ALL the power INSTANTLY for every launch – (the car still runs a manual transmission and clutch!) which meant for some very spicy starts which were a little too aggressive for the small tyres under the back of the yellow ute!

Tim and the Pineapple Datsun 1200 Ute regularly compete in the Outlaw Radial Championship Drag Racing Series which if you’ve watched any of those videos or playlists on our channel you should be very familiar with this car…. It’s a proper head turner!

If you haven’t seen it before and/or you love your rotor action there’s a stack of videos on the Channel for you, this little yellow weapon coming from the WA Racing Developments Stables and tuned by Mike (The Rotary Yoda – if there ever was to be one).

And if you also haven’t seen the behind the scenes documentary on what went into the track for the upcoming days prior to this event go and have a look on the Channel for that one also…

The prep video has been months in the making – with alot of thought, effort and preparation behind the scenes (and we mean ALOT) to make this a truly unique and educational watch for anyone interested in learning just what it takes to turn a track from ‘ok’ to ‘elite’!

Seeing some of the W.A Radial Cars finally get the track they’ve been dreaming of here at the Perth Motorplex in Western Australia was a huge deal, and it’s definitely only just the beginning now that we’ve seen what is actually capable.

Check out the interviews with the experts – Justin, Lorenzo and Brendan to get the ins and outs of the weekend and what it took to put this educational documentary together.



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