Bairnsdale Speedway Saturday Night Ends Early After Multiple Accidents

A terrific crowd headed to Bairnsdale Speedway on Saturday night to watch the opening of the race season with terrific events scheduled for Sprintcars, Wingless Sprints, Junior Standard Saloons in particular.

Early accidents to Justin Barton in Sprintcars and Scott Irons in Wingless Sprints provided the crowd plenty of thrills whilst race drivers such as Josh Thomas in Standard Saloons winning two heats out of two starts and Bobby Devine in the Division 2 Hot Rods also winning both of his starts provided terrific race action.

Then unfortunately in the fourth and final Wingless Sprint heat race a crash involving the first and second placed drivers Aron Lawrence and Christopher Temby in the entry into turn one ended in contact and both cars flying upside bouncing off the track and up into the sky and in the case of Lawrence, violently multiple times.
Lawrence sustained severe injuries and potentially unknown at the time trauma that had to be treated carefully the onsite emergency team and crash crew and the emergency services that attended such as Ambulance, Fire, and SES.

The race meeting was cancelled after thirteen events and Aron was eventually cut from his car and transferred by Air Ambulance to Melbourne.

Directly from Aron he stated this. “Last night we raced at Bairnsdale and was unfortunately in a nasty wreck in my second heat while leading. I was knocked out during the crash and ended having to be cut out of my car and airlifted to Melbourne. I’ve ended up with no serious injuries after extensive tests. I have a broken collarbone, a broken rib and broken nose and looking like I just went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. “

Aron went on to thank all those that assisted in his care at the track and off and to those that helped and checked in on him. During the incident Aron was in and out of consciousness numerous times, which was concerning. Aron also wanted to thank fellow competitors and their teams Scott Irons, Ben Poliansky, Ricky Mills and Scott Cole for packing up his track and driving it back to Melbourne.

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media



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