Packed Night of Entertainment at Nyora this Saturday Night

Nyora Raceway is looking to kick off its new season this Saturday night with a great line-up to entertain race fans that includes a mix of visiting classes and regular club classes providing something for everybody. Dirt Modifieds are on the program with a number of Nyora raised race drivers in the field, Australian Motor Contest Association or AMCA Nationals as fans know them as plus Modified Sedans are all scheduled.

Local heroes in Standard Saloons, Sports Sedans, Junior Standard Saloons, Ladies Standard Saloons and Junior 1500cc Sedans are all on the program to complete a six to seven hour show for all to enjoy.

In Dirt Modified action, the Victorian Champion Daryl Hickson leads the stout line-up that includes Michael Ardley, multiple time state champion in Unlimited Sedans and now Dirt Modified racer Warrick Taylor and current Australian Compact Speedcar champion Justin Paull. Matt Reddecliffe, Tyler and Troy Scott and Tony Moore complete the field.

AMCA competition kicks off with Frank Thierry from Mildura intending to return to one of his favourite tracks, a track where he has picked up wins previously. He will be up against Stephen Hopkins, Neal Peachey, Paul Sullivan, Grant Cullinger, and Stuart Grant-Campbell to name a few.

With Modified Sedan events around Victoria being washed out a keen list of entries has come together just to get a run under their belts. Nyora is well represented by Jamie Paull, Dale Hallett, Scott Angus, Peter Angus, and Trish Dike with cars coming from Ballarat, Geelong, and the Northeast of Victoria to compete.

Popular club class the Sports Sedans has over a dozen competitors ready for action that includes Scott and Peter Angus doing double duty on race night, former Victorian champion Lee Beach, front runner Brendan Miller, locals Rhys Lansdown, Seth and Shona Bent and Matt Shankland and drivers also from Ballarat, Geelong, and the Eastern Suburbs.

Standard Saloon numbers are strong as usual with Mark Miles recently second at Drouin Speedway leading the nominations. His brothers Jay, Chris and Andrew Miles will all compete whilst others include Kacey Ingram, Rhys Lansdown, Brodie Ardley, Ally Morrison, and Trish Dike who like others on Saturday are doing double duty on the racetrack.

Ally Morrison the current Victorian Ladies Standard Saloon champion will lead the line-up in that class. Dette Miles, Maddison Miles, Caroline Allen, and a half dozen others will be determined to achieve their best results on Saturday.

Harry Cecil leads the Junior Standard Saloon entry list, which has a dozen competitors nominated. Jack Braz, Zac Barwise, Nathan Miles, and Chase Ingram are some of the drivers sure to battle for the win.

Rounding out the complete program is the 1500cc cars of the Speedway Sedans Australia Junior class. Nathan Miles will again compete as will Harry Cecil and they will go bumper to bumper with the likes of Logan Mair, Matilda, and Cruz Farrell, and Tristan Jarred.

Racing begins at 4pm at Grundy Avenue Nyora at the recreational reserve.

Admission is $25 for an adult ticket, $15 for Aged and Disabled Pensioners, Teenagers 12 to 16 costs $15 also and kids zero to the age of twelve are free. Two Adults and two teenagers can combine for a family ticket costing just $60.

The enquiry contact number is 0428 847 888

Nyora would like to thank this seasons business partners;

B & B Retainer Walls
Burson Autoparts
Cecil Cartage
Earthlink Electrical
EZ Print
Highline Racewear
John Duff & Co – Shell
Magnet Towing
Membrey’s Transport
Miles Mechanical
ML Automotive
Mornington Motors
Napier Photography
Ramsdale Wreckers
Redde Race Parts
Rip It Up Earthworks
Ripper Sticker
Russell Steel
Shannons Insurance
Victory Lane Racegear

Daryl Hickson – Victoria 1
Matt Reddecliffe – Victoria 28
Justin Paull – Queensland 29
Tyler Scott – Victoria 37
Warwick Taylor – Victoria 43
Michael Ardley – Victoria 59
Driver to be Confirmed – Victoria 84
Tony Moore – Victoria 98
Troy Scott – Victoria 99

Greg Firmin – Victoria 2
Frank Thierry – Victoria 7
Stephen Hopkins – Victoria 9
Kent Davey – Victoria 19
Neal Peachey – Victoria 23
Paul Sullivan – Victoria 28
Rowan Pitt – Victoria 48
Grant Cullinger – Victoria 55
Paul Cusack – Victoria 57
Shannon Hilder – Victoria 69
Stuart Grant Campbell – Victoria 97
Justin Richardson – Victoria 99

Jamie Paull – Nyora 4
Darcy Wilson – Ballarat 5
Fletcher Barron – Avalon 5
Dale Hallett – Nyora 15
Dylan Barrow – Ballarat 17
Bella Rizzoli – Ballarat 18
Trish Dike – Nyora 37
Tristan McGraw – Corowa 38
Scott Angus – Nyora 71
Peter Angus – Nyora 72

Brendan Miller – Alexandra 6
Daniel Knight – Nyora 17
Malcolm Knight – Nagambie 18
Seth Bent – Nyora 24
Matt Shankland – Nyora 46
Rhys Lansdown – Nyora 47
Gavan Dorain – Rosedale 49
Shona Bent – Nyora 69
Peter Angus – Nyora 71
Scott Angus – Nyora 72
Katie Meyer – Ballarat 76
Jamie Thomsen – Alexandra 80
Nathan Fawns – Redline 87
Lee Beach – Alexandra Nyora 88

Mark Miles – Nyora 12
Ally Morrison – Nyora 13
Justin Prins – Nyora 15
Chris Miles – Nyora 18
Justin Hutchins – Nyora 23
Owen Cecil – Nyora 30
Andrew Miles – Nyora 34
Ben Grey – Drouin 37
Trish Dike – Nyora 37
Justin Cadman – Nyora 39
Kacey Ingram – Nyora 43
Stephen Douglas – Drouin 44
Darwyn Lee – Drouin 45
Rhys Lansdown – Nyora 47
Brodie Ardley – Nyora 66
Jay Miles – Nyora 94

Stacey Sheedy – Drouin 4
Ally Morrison – Nyora 13 / Victoria 1
Michelle George – Nyora 17
Maddison Miles – Nyora 18
Trish Dike – Nyora 37
Elise Halliday – Rosedale 45
Kylie Lansdown – Nyora 47
Mel Van Strien – N55 (Nyora)
Caroline Allen – NY55 (Nyora)
Dette Miles – N94 (Nyora)
Lizzi Huckel – NY94 (Nyora)

Harry Cecil – Victoria 2
Ella Sheedy – Drouin 4
Nathan Miles – Nyora 12
Tom Braz – Rosedale 14
Zac Barwise – Colac 32
Bailey Hill – Nyora 36
Jack Braz – Rosedale 42
Chase Ingram – Nyora 67
Dyclan Sweet – Drouin 81
Sebastian Hardie – Nyora 94
Zoe Hunt – Drouin 95
Cooper Joynson – Drouin 99

Matilda Farrell – Nyora 5
Tyson Heaphy – Nyora 9
Nathan Miles – Nyora 12
Jaylen Knight – Nyora 17
Harry Cecil – Nyora 21
Cruz Farrell – Nyora 25
Tristan Jarred – Nyora 27
Jasmine Bryant – Alexandra 29
Logan Mair – Nyora 61
Maddy Capon – Alexandra 66

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media
For Nyora Raceway Inc



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