Daylesford Speedway Have Fingers and Toes Crossed for Season Start

The Daylesford Speedway Association look forward to providing a great day’s entertainment this Sunday with their second attempt to start the season hosting all the local club heroes along with invited classes the Standard Saloons, Sports Sedans and 1200cc Junior Sedans.

Local heroes in the club classes include the likes of Bailey and Reece Kakoschke, Ryan Daly, Ian Bartlett, Daniel Carter, Brad Trainor and Steve Warlond in the Modifieds, Chris Hay the club Street Stock champion, Tim Hutchinson, Glenn McCoubrie, Ashley Fox, Belinda Taylor, David Clark and Anthony Bull in the Street Stocks, Blair Botheras, Peyton Edwards – Daly, Blaize Majok – Edwards, Ben Carrington and Noah Basten in Junior Sedans, plus Marlena Argent, Shelby Higginbottom, Charmaine Bryan’s, Richelle Jenner, Ebeny Bull and Samantha Broome in the Ladies Sedans.

All important club championship points begin in the season long quest to be the club champion in each class at the end of the season and every race counts. Drivers will be keen to finish races and finish at the front end of the field as the winner or otherwise.

Victorian Speedway Council classes the Standard Saloons, Sports Sedans and Junior 1200cc Sedans are also programmed with the Standard Saloons on hand with a healthy entry list as usual. Aaron Meakins leads a great quality list of entrants with Rick Stowe, Bailey Sinclair, Patrick Walsh, Dean Pedersen, Dean Spring and Lachie Chivers all competing for the first Standard Saloon victory in central Victoria of the season.

Rhys Meakins, Katie Meyers, Zac Swanson, Anthony Knight, and Peter Angus are amongst the Sport Sedan entrants for Sunday and in the 1200cc Juniors Arthur Hutchinson looks to continue his winning ways from last season with Riley Taylor keen to reverse his fortunes and finish out on top right from the start of the season having spent most of last year finishing second. Ella Sheedy, Bryce Leek and Daylesford members Holly Hutchinson, Amiley Botheras and Bella Hartup are others competing.

It is springtime, so grab your blankets, your hit drink canisters and perhaps a picnic basket and come to Daylesford Speedway and enjoy a great day.

The Canteen and some terrific vendors at the club will be operational Sunday. Daylesford Speedway has an onsite bar, no BYO allowed. $4 beers $6 Spirits.

All Competitors and spectators need to prove double vaccination upon entry to the venue. Please have them ready when you reach the entry gate.

Head to Basin Road Daylesford to watch, general enquiries on 0408 5439 694 or 0449 107 863

Entry for all adults for is $15 to enter, Life members & aged pensioners are $10. Children 10 to 17 are $5 each and ten and under are free, no family ticket.

Follow the Daylesford Speedway Club website and Interactive Mobile app.

Racing begins at 11.30am and the gates open early from 8am with competitors due at the track by 10.00am and pit gates shut to racing entrants by 10.30

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media
For Daylesford Drivers Association

Bailey Kakoschke – 1
Brad Trainor – 12
Graham Smith – 15
Derek Higginbottom – 26
Reece Kakoschke – 31
Ryan Daly – 33
Ian Bartlett – 34
Brett Carrington – 47
Wade Justice – 63
Daniel Carter – 73
Steven Warlond – 87

Riley Noonan – 27
Ashley Fox – 29G
David Clark – 36
Chris Hay – 42W
Glenn McCoubrie – 66
Lockhlan Glare – 69SH
Rick Vosper – 76
Belinda Taylor – 80
Anthony Bull – 88DDA
Tim Hutchinson – 88
Jamie Angwin – 92
Hayden Glare – 96SH
Steve Brooke – 99

Blair Botheras – 18
Peyton Edwards-Daly – 33
Blaize Majok-Edwards – 35
Ben Carrington – 48
Noah Basten – 92

Marlena Argent – 12
Samantha Broome – 19B
Charmaine Bryans – 26B
Sammii Paterson – 31B
Shelby Higginbottom – 26
Richelle Jenner – 87
Ebeny Bull – 88

Ashley Cormack – Bairnsdale 13
Arron Cormack – Bairnsdale 19
Austin Chivers – Ballarat 19
Charmaine Bryans – Nyora 26
Sammii Paterson – Ballarat 31
Dean Spring – Nyora 50
Sean Oakes-Rogers – Ballarat 56
Joshua Cormack – Bairnsdale 66
Patrick Walsh – Ballarat 68
Dean Pederson – Daylesford 73
Nigel Frew – Bairnsdale 73
Lachie Chivers – Ballarat 79
Aaron Meakins – DDA 82
Jacob Head – Ballarat 95
Bailey Sinclair – Ballarat 96
Rick Stowe – Ballarat 97
Brad Sheppard – Ballarat 99

Geoff Lee – Goulburn Valley 5
Zac Swanson – Ballarat 15
Malcolm Knight – Nagambie 18
Anthony Knight – Corowa 19
Travis Thorne – Nagambie 30
Peter Angus – Nyora 71
Katie Meyer – Ballarat 76
Rhys Meakins – Daylesford 85

Ella Sheedy – Drouin 4
Bella Hartup – Daylesford 18
Dayne Murdoch – Alexandra 22
Riley Taylor – Daylesford 25
Bryce Leek – Drouin 29
Chase Doherty – Nyora 31
Xander Baxter – Nagambie 69
Amiley Botheras – Daylesford 77
Holly Hutchinson – Daylesford – 80
Arthur Hutchinson – Daylesford 82

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media
For Daylesford Speedway Association



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