The Unofficial Most Likely Unofficially Incomplete Guide to the Joondalup Festival of Motoring

This weekend sees the arrival of a new event on the Perth, Western Australia motoring calendar, the Joondalup Festival of Motoring (note to self .. MOTORING .. not MOTORSPORT).

Starting on Friday 28th October, the Joondalup Festival of Motoring kicks off with the PowerPlay Corporate Challenge at PowerPlay Joondalup. PowerPlay is home to an amazing electric Go Kart track and the event starts at 5pm running until 7pm at 136 Winton Road, Joondalup.

You’ve then got 30 minutes to head over to the Mega Motoring Movie Marathon at Grand Cinemas, Lakeside Shopping Centre where event director Justin Hunt told us on a previous episode of our podcast that they’ll be showing an original celluloid version of original Italian Job starring Michael Caine. Other movies in this Mega Motoring Movie Marathon include Days of Thunder and Ford versus Ferrari. Tickets available through the Joondalup Festival of Motoring Office.

Go Karts – Check!

Mega Motoring Movie Marathon – Check!

You’ve had a nibble, now for the entree!

Saturday 29th October the City of Joondalup Coffee & Cars events kicks off in the Tyrepower Service Zone located in the Boas Avenue Car Park. There are 500 bays up for grabs and we’re welcoming all sorts of cars for the day.

The event is free for spectators and will be raising money for the Wheels For Hope charity with a gold coin required to put your car on show. Stay for 30 minutes, stay for the entire event, its up to you!

Over in the Kennards Hire Central Park the Cars and Cocktails might be a bit more enticing for those who choose not to drive to the event and weirdly aren’t into coffee.

Central Park will have various food trucks, some chilled entertainment, pop up bar and a selected range of custom cocktails just for the event. For the cars portion of Cars and Cocktails, they have some exclusive vehicles from some exclusive guests who are bringing out their private collections for the event. The WA Motor Museum will have a variety of cars on display too.

Your whistle is wet! You’ve been fed the entree .. now .. it’s time for the main course with dessert included!

Sunday from 9am to 4pm the Joondalup City Sprint hits the streets of Joondalup with flowing sections and some tighter turns. The Joondalup City Sprint sold out well in advance with a waiting list we hear was longer than a depressed horses face.

Sunday also has The Automotive World located in various locations in the Joondalup City Centre running from 10am – 4pm. Five precincts, all themed. Food trucks and cars!

There’s road closures, set pedestrian crossing times, live results and all sorts of information you can find over on the Joondalup Festival of Motoring website and we thoroughly recommend you head over and check it out as, we’ve probably got something wrong here!



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