Speedway is back at Nyora Raceway, Huge Wingless Sprint Show

This weekend, the now traditional Nyora Raceway double header Melbourne Cup weekend will see the terrific little entertainment venue in Nyora kick start the season for Speedway competitors and motorsport fans from right around Victoria and as is the case this weekend, for competitors from New South Wales and South Australia also.

The Wingless Sprint category heads into town on Saturday night for a round of their state wide super series with more than forty five entries in that class alone, whilst other action will come from Open Standard Saloon’s with their annual 20/20 feature event and supporting action from Victorian Speedway Council Junior 1200cc Sedans, Speedway Sedans Victoria Junior Sedans, Unlimited Sedans, Sports Sedans and on Sunday, the addition of Division 2 Hot Rods is planned.

Not only will the Wingless Sprints compete in a state series round on Saturday, they will return on Sunday for a local feature event which is putting up $5000 in prizemoney including a decent winners cheque at the end of the night.

Motorsport fans will see plenty of Nyora’s local heroes that include the likes of Kiarna Barton and Chase Doherty in the 1200s, Cruz and Matilda Farrell, Tyson Heaphy, Harry Cecil, Nathan Miles, Tristan Jarred who literally lives across the road from the Speedway in Nyora itself, and Kiarna Barton again in the SSA Juniors, Corey and Travis Ramsdale in the Unlimited Sedans, Rhys Lansdown, plus Peter and Scott Angus in the Sports Sedans, Matt Shankland in Division 2 Hot Rods, and a host of stars in the Standard Saloons not limited to however including, Rhys Lansdown again, Mark Miles, The Dike brothers, Mitch Foster, Brad Warren, Kacey Ingram, Brodie Ardley and Marcus Reddecliffe.

In the headlining Wingless Sprint field, some of the competitors that local fans know well include Wayne Logue, Thomas McDonald, Adin and Bree Robertson, Brett Milburn, Ebony Hobson, Christopher Temby, Travis Millar and Peter Logue. They will compete against a strong line-up from of racers from Geelong, Victoria’s South-West and Wimmera, South Australia and New South Wales in the biggest and best state series for Wingless Sprints in the nation on Saturday night, with some of the same competitors returning on Sunday evening to compete again for feature event spoils on offer on night two.

All classes listed compete on both nights, with the addition of the Division 2 Hot Rods on the Sunday.

Racing begins at 5pm on both nights at Grundy Avenue Nyora at the recreational reserve.

Admission is $25 for an adult ticket, $15 for Aged and Disabled Pensioners, Teenagers 12 to 16 costs $15 also and kids zero to the age of twelve are free. Two Adults and two teenagers can combine for a family ticket costing just $60.

The enquiry contact number is 0428 847 888

Nyora would like to thank this seasons business partners;

B & B Retainer Walls

Burson Autoparts

Cecil Cartage

Earthlink Electrical

EZ Print

Highline Racewear


John Duff & Co – Shell

Magnet Towing

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Napier Photography

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Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media
For Nyora Raceway Inc



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