Tecno Karts Victoria – Country Kart Spares hit Gippsland


Tecno Karts Victoria – Country Kart Spares had their biggest team of the season in 11 drivers across 6 classes taking on the final round of the Victorian Golden Power Series. The team head to a wet Gippsland Kart Club and had drivers across multiple classes looking to race at the front. The team has had a strong opening 4 rounds and looked to finish the season on a high!

Hugo Garraway, Levi Fisher and Jackson Pinczuk were a triple driver attack that took on the KA4 Junior Heavy class. Garraway put himself in the top 3 in qualifying and right in the mix, with Fisher a bit further back in position 13 and 17. Garraway and Fisher both raced well inside the top 10 with a 6th in heat 1 and 3rd in heat 3 for Garraway and 7th in heat 1 and 6th in heat 2 for Fisher. Pinczuk also moved forward to the edge of the top 10 in 11th in heat 2 and 12th in heat 3. Both Garraway and Fisher raced at the front in the final and were able to come home with strong results of 5th for Fisher and 6th for Garraway. Pinczuk finished his weekend of improvement inside the top 15 in position 14 overall.

Chadd Moore was the single driver attack in the premier KA3 Junior class. Moore qualified down in position 16 overall and was hell bent on trying to make his way forward across the heats. Chadd put in some brilliant heat races with 5th in heat 1, 12th in heat 2 and 6th in the final heat race before the final. Moore battled around the edge of the top 10 and come home with a consistent position 12 in the final in a busy weekend of passing for the young pilot.

Brodie Sarton made his return to karting in KA3 Senior Light over the weekend with Tecno Karts Victoria – Country Kart Spares stablemate Shannon Fisher. Sarton and Fisher were both able to qualify inside the top 10, with Sarton in position 8 and Fisher right behind in position 9. Both drivers raced well and were right inside the top 10 with a 5th and 8th in heat 1 and 2 for Sarton, and 7th and 8th in heat 2 and 3 for Fisher. Sarton put in a remarkable comeback race, finishing his weekend inside the top 10 in position 7 overall! Fisher, unfortunately didn’t finish the final after battling well inside the top 10 drivers all weekend.

Matthew Smith made his return to his home club for the Tecno Karts Victoria – Country Kart Spares team in TAG 125 Light. Smith qualified down in position 17 overall and was keen to go to work in the heat races to move forward. Smith moved forward 3 spots in heat 1 to 14th and 8 spots to 9th in heat 2. Smith’s weekend had a turn for the worse, not finishing the final heat when he was charging up the field. Smith finished just outside the top 10 in the final in 12th position overall still moving up 5 positions across the weekend!

Aston Hill was another single driver attack for Tecno Karts Victoria – Country Kart Spares, this time in KA4 Junior Light. Hill qualified strongly inside the top 10 in position 8 overall on the outside of the 4th row. Hill was super consistent across his 3 heats and right on the top 5 with 6th in heat 1 and 3 and 7th in heat 2. Hill was driving extremely well, running 4th in the final. Aston in tough circumstances was involved in an incident in the 2nd half of the race which forced him out of the final.

The triple driver youngster attack in Cadet 12 was Jenson Damaschino, Charlie Damaschino and Dino Maio for the Tecno Karts Victoria – Country Kart Spares. Jenson started his Cadet 12 career with a bang qualifying in 3rd overall, with Charlie and Dino in position 9 and 18 respectively. Jenson led the way in the heats with a 4th in heat 1 and 6th in heat 2 while Dino was able to charge his way to 11th in heat 1, 13th in heat 2 and 7th in heat 3. Charlie had a tough few heats with a DNF result in heat 1 and 2 before and 11th in the final heat. The final was a mixed result for the team with Jenson putting in a stellar drive to finish just outside the top 5 in position 6. Dino and Charlie were both unfortunate non finishers in the final race, after showing good pace across the weekend.

Team owner Shane Moore spoke post weekend on the team’s weekend of racing. “All of the Tecno Karts Victoria – Country Kart Spares driver made me so proud this season never giving up and continually pushing up the grid. I Hope this Tecno trend continues into next season. Welcome back to Brodie after a 2-year holiday from karting”. The Tecno Karts Victoria – Country Kart Spares team will be back once again in 2023!



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