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Triple Header of Grassroots Motorsport Action at Raceway

This coming Friday – Sunday 21-23rd October 2022 will feature three fantastic opportunities for up and coming motorsport competitors to get out on track cheaply, safely and in a non-race environment.

First up on Friday is Tarmac Sportz Series Time Challenge event which allows competitors to test their ability to put in timed laps that are as close to each other as possible with penalty points awarded for being too slow or too fast. The person who gets the least amount of penalty points wins the day. This is all about knowing your car and learning the track and repeating the same thing over and over.

On Saturday, the action moves over to Jacks’ Hill where competitors will be able to take their car on the small hill climb course starting at the bottom, finishing at the top with a few turns in between.

The idea is to get to the top in the fastest possible time.

Finally on Sunday the infield of Raceway will be the centre of attention when the Mini Club of WA hosts the EGT Car Control Challenge with various layouts setup to test how well you can control your car around tight turns and obstacles.

To find out more information about all of these events, head on over to the WA Sporting Car Club website, or visit the Motorsport Australia site to register for the first two events.



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