Speedway Season at Drouin Opens with a Massive Bang this Sunday

Published: Tuesday October 11 2022
Drouin Speedway Club starts its season this Sunday with its traditional Crash and Bash opening event with great support from all the local club classes plus the visiting Vintage Hot Rod Club, the Aces of Spades.

Drouin Speedway Club starts its season this Sunday with its traditional Crash and Bash opening event with great support from all the local club classes plus the visiting Vintage Hot Rod Club, the Aces of Spades.

Crash and Bash entries between the open category competing in the War on Wheels and the Ladies competing in ‘Yarnies Race’ is up around fifty cars, this will provide top notch entertainment for fans keen to see cars push, nudge, shove and slam each other as they attempt to be the first car to finish in the crazy almost no rules Crash and Bash events.

Drouin Speedway Club members come from mostly the Southeast of Melbourne, West Gippsland and Latrobe Valley and they will be keen to get a head start for the season in their chosen classes also. Jeff Blencowe from Bunyip, Leigh Gooding and Mark Miles from Catani in Standard Saloons, Cooper Joynson, Nathan Miles, Harry Cecil, Beau Stuchbery, and Jack Braz some of our fast Junior Standard Saloon racers whilst the likes of Erin Mitchell, Maddison Miles and Dette Miles in Ladies Standard Saloon competition are sure to once again this season figure at the front of the action.

The Crash and Bash Ladies feature this weekend is in honour of the Late Southeast woman Teahn Murrell. Known as Yarnie, Teahn was an absolute super fan of Crash and Bash and women in the sport. She was enthusiastic about seeing the girls grow the class and right now, it looks like her wish is coming true. Victorian Ladies champion Kellie Latham will compete this weekend against multiple times champion Leeanne Young. Not only will those two champions be behind in the thick of the action the likes of Felicity Roycroft, Lea Judd, Bianca Brown, and Danni Marshall will be in a stout line-up of Ladies set to bash their way to victory.

Open Crash and Bash allows the blokes and any woman to of adult age to compete against each other and the list of entrants for the War on Wheels is star studded. We could mention twenty drivers right now and still possibly miss out on mentioning who might win. Some of the drivers to keep an eye on and not limited to include Steve Young, Anthony Sgroi, Russell Hill, Bradley Trainor, Brendan Miller, Jackson Basten, Nathan Taylor, Mark Taylor who won the last event the Mick Corbett Memorial, Shane Roycroft, Brad Warren, Rob Bushell, Steve Mitchell, Jason Judd, Craig McKendry, and Mark Hebblethwaite. There will be some heavy hits, especially in feature time.

Gates open from 8.30am. Racing from 11am

Entry will cost $20 for an adult, aged and invalid Pensioner and Children 12 to 16yrs is $15 and Children under 12 years of age are free. A family ticket for two adults and two children aged 12 to 16 will cost $50.

Track is at 140 Main Jindivick Road, Jindivick.

General enquiries can be made to 0422 289 133.

Drouin Speedway Club acknowledge and thank these wonderful supporters.

Alberni Engineering


Baw Baw Shire

Bowens Pakenham

Bunyip Bakery

Bunyip Tyre Service


Elite Cranes & Transport

Keena Fencing

Kennards Pakenham

Latrobe Waste & Recycling

Leigh & Anne Gooding

Mepstead Lawyers

Mighty Doors

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Nominations for this weekend at time of writing are;
Jackson Basten – 2
Anthony Sgroi – 8
Steve Young – 9
Zac Leeson – 14
Grant Reynolds – 15
Jordan Smith – 20
Russel Hill – 21
William George – 22
Brendan Miller – 31
William Leeson – 41
Nathan Taylor – 44
Anthony Sharam – 57
Mark Taylor – 74
Shane Roycroft – 82
Matt Williams – 83
Brad Warren – 84
Rob Bushell – 88
James Carden-David – 90
Ashley George – 100
Daniel Kettels – 107
Steve Mitchell – 111
Jayden Taylor – 145
Jason Judd – 187
Beau Evans – 204
Timmy Cole – 210
Daniel Williams – 217
Brad Trainor – 222
Ben Warren – 283
Murray Lewis – 289
Clint Robinson – 311
Glen Robinson – 450
Craig McKendry – 451
Mark Hebblethwaite – 474
Josh Service – 619
Kevin Hughes – 666
Ken Mankey – 889
Alan George – 911

Kellie Latham – Victoria 1
Leeanne Young – 9
Brenda George – 22
Danni Marshall – 44
Tihan Wilson – 57
Felicity Roycroft – 82
Tori Warren – 84
Taheiha Johnston – 107
Donna Gordon – 111
Lea Judd – 187
Bianca Brown 222
Simone Rawlins – 282
Romney Stirling – 311
Sam Robinson – 450
Angel Symons – 451
Laura Crane – 747
Erin Brown – 878

Brendan Sheedy – Drouin 4
Jeff Blencowe – Drouin 9
Leigh Gooding – Rosedale 11
Mark Miles – Nyora 12
Phil Keep – Drouin 17
Chris Miles – Nyora 18
Matt Leek – Drouin 19
Aaron Cormack – Bairnsdale 19/87
Owen Cecil – Nyora 30
Andrew Miles – Nyora 34
Darwyn Lee – Drouin 45
Anthony Murray – Drouin 48
Brad Warren – Mortlake 84

Harry Cecil – Victoria 2/Nyora
Nathan Miles – Nyora 12
Tom Braz – Rosedale 14
Beau Stuchbery – Bairnsdale 24
Sharni Stuchbery – Bairnsdale 32
Justin Cadman – Nyora 39
Jack Braz – Rosedale 43
Bree Walker – Rosedale 50
Dyclan Sweet – Drouin 81
Zoe Hunt – Drouin 95
Cooper Joynson – Drouin 99

Stacey Sheedy – Drouin 4
Maddison Miles – Nyora 18
Sam Broome – Bairnsdale 19/87
Erin Mitchell – Rosedale 19
Michelle George – Nyora 34
Tasharni Murray – Drouin 48
Dette Miles – Nyora 84

Plus, the ACES OF SPADES Hot Rods (Spirited Demonstrations)

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media
For Drouin Speedway Club

Photography Media partner is Napier Photography – Louise Norman – Napier
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