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Date announced for DriftAbility 2022

DriftAbility 2022 marks the 5th anniversary of its formation in 2018 by Andrew Murphy

Driftability 2020 at Wanneroo RacewayPhoto credit: Shane Lawrie / Turn 7 MediaImage © 2020 Turn 7 Media -

Over the last 4 years, and 5 events, they have taken over 500 passengers for an introduction into our world of Drifting. Over the same period, they have raised over $23,000 for Ability WA (Previously Ability Centre WA)

DriftAbility, a non-for-profit organisation born and raised in Perth, is run entirely by a volunteer community of Drifters, Care workers of all categories, as well as multiple small businesses throughout the state. Focusing their endeavours currently at Wanneroo Raceway, they have taken 100s of people with disabilities, both neurological and physical, for “hot-laps” in high-powered, purpose-built competition drift cars.

Just like the passengers for the day, the drivers and their cars come from all different backgrounds. Ranging from 15 year old High School competitors, all the way to their parents aging 50 and older.

DriftAbility has associated with Ability WA, with donations on their GoFundMe passed directly to the centre to ensure further support and equipment is handed on to the carers and clients who need continual support. The only funds taken from the GoFundMe go to refreshments for all drivers/officials on the day, as well as maintaining assets of DriftAbility (website, etc)

Wanneroo Raceway have yet again, for the 5th time, donated the entire racetrack complex to DriftAbility for an entire day on 03/10/2022. Their Insurer insurer is also on board to ensure that all of our drivers, officials, and passengers are well cared for. D1WA have also committed to supplying all relative equipment for the drivers for the day

The committee for 2022 is made up of carers, drivers, and passengers from previous years, including none other than Danny Westwood and Daisy.

Their goal this year is not only to demolish our 10k donation target with 150+ Passenger laps, but to bring awareness into the world of 2022 of what they do, and what they bring, and just bring a few more smiles into an already unknown world.

Stay tuned for more details!



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