LUXE FILES: Renault Megane RS First real event

Bit of a random video from the weekends Ernie Hastie Memorial Race meeting at the Collie Motorplex thanks to me somehow losing the mic for the main go pro.  So caution the audios not the best for this one an I stuffed them voice over – the Renault is deceptively loud. I entered the Renault Megane RS250 in Modern Regularity as I’m still waiting for the Log book to be sorted to race it properly door to door. Weather wise was patchy but had a ball, the Renault is one of the easiest to drive cars I own and although the plan was to sell after doing Targa in it (who knows with what’s going on there) I really might keep it its just that nice. I managed a 1.23.06 Lap in it which is fairly respectable for how heavy and stock it is. I recon a bit more alignment work it would be a easy 21/22 second car around Collie long track.  Was awesome to have our great mate and customer Luke (aka Ruckus) down there for his first race meeting in his K24 EG Civic which he took out 2nd in the SCRAWA category. We took away 3rd over all in Modern Regularity could have easily made it first if id updated my times over the weekend but I was really just there to see how fast I could go. For those that don’t know Regularity is like DYO drag racing – you nominate a time before each session and get points for how far away from that time you are – i.e. 0 points if you hit your time. Person with the least points (i.e. most consistent and closest to their time wins).  Regularity is not normally my thing but what I do like about it is that its on during a race meeting which makes it a great stepping stone to real racing being part of the whole circus. Have any questions just give us a shout happy to share what I’ve learnt so far. 



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