FORMULA 1: Ricciardo Apologises to Sainz in Classy Gesture

Despite the reporting of a fair chunk of media, Ricciardo headed down to the Ferrari garage after the race to apologise to Sainz after their first lap collision of his own free-will.

Speaking after the race Ricciardo publicly apologised and mentioned his intent to seek out the Ferrari driver personally to apologise.

“What happened from memory was I got onto the kerb, I know it’s going to bottle up at some point, so tried to give myself a little bit more space,” Ricciardo said.

“But I think as soon as I got onto it, I just started sliding straight off it and then slid up into the track, and obviously then went into Carlos.

“I’ll see if I could have done anything different. It’s tough because you go slower into Turn 1, you be more cautious and then someone’s going to probably do the same to you, or you might put yourself in a more sandwiched position.

“I went into [Turn] 1 feeling like it was all under control. Obviously it wasn’t, but for now I’ll go and see Carlos and apologise. It’s not fun to ruin your day but also someone else’s, so one of those days.”

Sainz later confirmed the visit from Ricciardo saying it wasn’t done behind closed doors with other team members there to receive the apology

“The mechanics were all with me and we all thanked him for the gesture,” Sainz told reporters.

“That’s why there’s no hard feelings with Daniel. What happened with him could have happened to anyone out there today but unfortunately it had to happen to me. It’s how it is. The incident has really no mystery to it. What happened is very clear to everyone.”

So that is it. End of story. No gossip to be had. Better luck next time!



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