LUXE FILES: Harness plate install quick tip and Renault Megane Update

Published: Friday April 22 2022
Brent Peters walks us through a few tips on harness plate installs going into his Renault

Ticking off the some of the list on the Renault today and thought I’d give two of my tips for harness plate installs I’ve learnt along the way.

For the harness plates I rivet these in place, although not needed under the Motorsport Australia schedule. I find it holds the plate in position really well, helps stop anchor points coming loose from being in weird locations over over indents in the floor or not sitting flat.

The other one is using a split pin to secure the clip in belts, its only the really high end belts that are supplied with these but I do this on all the clip in belts I install now. Just a extra added layer of safety.

Cant wait to get out an do some testing in the Megane now we have done the exhaust, gearbox mounts, intake and pads as well as a decent service, water pump and timing belt to give piece of mind.

Have any questions just give us a shout happy to share what I’ve learnt so far.