Do You Want To Get News Out About Your Own or Your Clubs' or Your Tracks' Events? .. Read on…

We’re looking for news and event information from all over Australia from the humble beginnings through to top level grassroots motorsport – Send us yours!

No matter your category or level we want your news.

Your grassroots news is not an afterthought for us, we are genuinely interested in it. We want to promote the beginnings of motorsport, we do cover top level sport as well to get the generic motorsport fan in, however our main focus is on the lower levels.

We run a weekly interview style podcast and in the coming weeks are launching our weekly news podcast that we will cover as much grassroots motorsport as possible, and that’s where we need you to send us your information.

Get in touch with us via this e-mail address and we’ll chat! There is 100% no cost whatsoever for us to post your news or talk about it!



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