DRAGS: Westernats Racers Deliver Seven New National Records

Along with plenty of winning performances, five competitors at the 51st annual MacTrack Westernationals delivered no less than seven new national records on March 6, 2022.

Rewriting the record books in their respective classes were:

Steve Norman – C/SMA – 8.506 seconds and 159.11mphSam Treasure – AA/A – 5.873 secondsPhill Paton – DD/CB – 7.919 seconds and 174.23mphSteve Martin – BB/AA – 6.306 secondsConnor McClure – BB/APIA – 212.63mph

To see the updated records for the 1320ft distances following the 2022 Westernationals visit this website.

For Sam Treasure, the results of the weekend were a very pleasant surprise.

“We came into this weekend hopeful for a good result, but we never could have scripted the Westerns to go any better than it did,” he said.

“There where two things for us to aim for coming into the weekend: the national record and the Gold Christmas Tree.

“We knew the car had the potential to run under the national record, but we still needed everything to line up on the day as there is so much tough competition.

“My first focus was trying to get the Treasure name on the AA/A record and when we ran under the record in the second round and then backed it up in the semi-final against one of my best mates (fellow record-breaker Connor McClure) was an unreal feeling.

“Then to get the Gold Christmas Tree in the final was just the cherry on top of a perfect weekend, especially with dad (Darryl Treasure) also taking out the Christmas Tree in Modified!

“Firstly, a huge thanks must go out to Ray and his whole team at the Perth Motorplex for a huge weekend of racing, we wouldn’t have a track to race at without all the dedicated staff and volunteers.

“I can’t thank my crew enough; I have a great bunch of mates and family that have stepped in to help me as we are running the two cars now. Everyone has worked faultlessly and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.

“We have also had the luxury of having Brodie and Rob Pilkington help us along our journey with the car and we would not be close to where we are without them.

“These cars take a lot of time and effort to maintain, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of my wife – with a toddler and newborn at home, Maddy takes on a lot so I can not only chase my passion but have her beside me every step of the way.

“And most importantly, thank you to my mum and dad for making this all possible. They fund the car as well as putting a whole lot of hours in behind the scenes. My proudest moment is seeing the joy on dad’s face as we achieve our milestones in our racing.”



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