Today is International Women’s Day and we’ve put together an essential list to the podcast episodes we’ve recorded with some pretty damn cool women in motorsport so far.

S01 – E07 – Madeline Stewart
S01 – E08 – April Welsh
S01 – E10 – Laura Byrnes
S01 – E22 – Molly Taylor
S01 – E29 – Jackie Russo
S02 – E09 – Charlotte Poynting
S02 – E11 – Tayla Dicker
S02 – E12 – Madison Brown

We have more fantastic women lined up to chat to over the coming season and we hope you enjoy hearing their stories.

As 2021 closed, Bridget Bell joined us to start writing her FLASH FEMMES column which is covering women in motorsport at all levels. You can check out her articles here in the Flash Femmes area.

Back in 2020 we also put together a chat with some women in motorsport telling us about their experience in motorsport and how they think that motorsport could be more inclusive to women and what they would say to any girl wanting to give it a go.

We love seeing women in motorsport, not for diversity points, not for the novelty, but to show that motorsport is truly a sport that can embrace everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, etc in a level playing field where natural talent isn’t hindered by any of the previous traditional segregations of people.

Do you have a woman in motorsport you think we should chat to? Get them to head on over to our Podcast bookings page where they can request an interview from us! .. Please be aware we reserve the right to refuse a guest based on suitability.



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