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LUXE FILES: Collie Flop – Testing at the State Speed Event Series

The sun was out and the weekend was set to be perfect but yet Murphy’s law got me and we had a bad run at round one of the Speed Event Series at Collie.

This was to be a shake down for the little excel before Alex races it door to door the next weekend in the first of the Excel Cup Race meetings, its a good thing we did. I was out all day Sat missing long track after finding the plastic rocker cover had cracked sending oil everywhere. Luckily got to watch a good day on track and Wes from Mo Tech Mechanical brought a new cover out so we could get on track for day two.  The excel did show some pace on the first days practice despite being almost impossible to drive was second fastest and on day two we managed a third missing out by .0001 of a second. We got the set up way wrong and spent most of the time trying to get the car to be less tail happy, changed ride height, toe and mucked around with shock settings. We also found we had a cooked rear brake cylinder which didn’t help. But all in all a positive a day at the track is always good and it was good to catch up with a lot of mates and hopefully we have the car to were it needs to be for some real door to door racing this coming weekend.

Big thanks to Anna an the Collie crew for putting on a great easy event and the SES guys for creating more opportunity’s for people to get into real door to door racing.



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