SPEEDWAY: Alexandra Speedway Returns with Big Junior Night This Saturday

Published: Thursday February 24 2022
A huge weekend at Alexandra this Saturday night with no less than four classes of Junior Sedan racers having points round for association or series events. Alexandra the ‘Home of Junior Legends’ weekend will also showcase club class action on the 570-metre-long track.

A huge weekend at Alexandra this Saturday night with no less than four classes of Junior Sedan racers having points round for association or series events. Alexandra the ‘Home of Junior Legends’ weekend will also showcase club class action with Sports Sedans, Standard Saloons and Street Stocks racing on the big 570-metre-long race track.

Headlining the show is the Junior Sedan Promotional Association points round for Top Star and New Star up to 1500cc Sedan’s competition. Alexandra Speedway have a great history of top performers in the class and this season the likes of Bree Simpson, Linken Paterson, James Oliver, Rhys Meakins, Dylan Barrow and Jayden Bryant have shown at various events how tough the competition is when one of another and sometimes two of three of them end up on the podiums around Victoria in big races.

Simpson returns to Alexandra after finishing runner up in the Tasmanian title last weekend and Jayden Bryant who finished third in the same race is also set to race this weekend at their home track, Alexandra.

Also in the Top Star field are a number of drivers from Mildura such as Carter Metcalfe, Will Shore, and Cameron Smith along with Lachlan Robins and Kiara McKercher and Jack Murphy from Canberra. All should be very competitive and looking forward to laps on the venue hosting this seasons Victorian and Australian titles for the class. In New Star action watch for Jake Bradley, Will Fallon, Matilda Farrell, Braiden Webster and Billy McBride.

Victorian Speedway Council Junior Sedans, Junior 1200cc Sedans and Junior Standard Saloons all have points rounds also.

In the Junior Sedan class which allows drivers to compete in Modified Sedans when they reach the age of 12, Dylan Barrow, Rhys Meakins and Jordyn Tewkesbury are just some of the competitors to watch. Barrow has been strong in this class this season and could be challenged seriously this weekend if some of the top competition from the North East also enter.

The 1200ccc class is growing in numbers quickly with home club racers such as Braiden Webster, Billy McBride, Sam Cherry, Dayne Murdoch, Xander Baxter, Jack Kershaw and Wil Fallon keen to secure podium positions against the visiting race drivers from other clubs around. Fallon this year has won a final at Alexandra in Junior Sedan racing and Jack Kershaw was developing strongly before Covid arrived and is looking to reach those levels once more. Arthur Hutchinson and Bryce Leek are visiting from other clubs and they and Riley Taylor are the drivers consistently at the front of the field so far this season.

The Junior Standard Saloon series is a perfect opportunity for these youngsters to get some laps in at Alexandra before their upcoming Victorian title this season. Victorian Champion Damon Ingram leads the line-up that includes Harry Cecil, Nathan Miles whom won the Junior Jam at Drouin two weeks ago, Dylan Barrow in his new Standard Saloon, Linken Paterson stepping into Wayne Sheerman’s Standard, Rhys Meakins, and Hunter Carey.

Sports Sedans and Standard Saloons are the supporting categories with action certain to be fierce with Victorian champion Lee Beach in the Sports Sedans trying to pick up victory over Luke Fallon, Steve Kershaw, Josh Service, Dillon Taylor and others whilst in the Standard Saloons Aaron Meakins and his Daughter Courtney will be in a battle with Matt Leek, Brodie Ardley, Jaimi Barber andMatt Davis. Leek and Barber no strangers to winning races.

The Speedway is at the end of Gordon Street Alexandra and action this Saturday night starts from 4pm, gates are open to the public from 12pm at a cost of $50 for a family of 2 adults and 3 children between the ages of 10 to 16, $20 per adult and $10 for children aged 10 to 16 and aged and disabled pensioners. Children under 10 years of age enter for free.

Anybody who requires information can contact 0438 700 124.

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Braiden Webster – Alexandra 5
Matilda Farrell – Nyora 5
Tyson Heaphy – Nyora 9
Billy McBride – Alexandra 13
Jake Bradley – Avalon 19
Cruz Farrell – Nyora 25
Xander Baxter – Alexandra 27
Zack Erickson – Wangaratta 28
Chase Doherty – Nyora 31
Zammy Noseda – Simpson 52
Will Fallon – Alexandra 77

Jayden Lock – Simpson 4
Blake Glynn – Avalon 8
Mitchell McClure – Mildura 8
Rye Orme – Alexandra 9
Carter Metcalfe – Mildura 10
Bree Simpson – Alexandra 10
Nathan Miles – Nyora 12
Cameron Smith – Mildura 14
Will Shore – Mildura 15
Dylan Barrow – Alexandra 17
Kiarna Barton – Nyora 19
Tamika Simpson – Alexandra 23
Kiara McKercher – Tasmania 33
Toby Parks – Alexandra 43
River Paterson – Alexandra 47
Linken Paterson – Alexandra 48
Jayden Bryant – Alexandra 49
Jack Randall – Alexandra 51
Lachlan Bull – Swan Hill 51
Jack Murphy – ACT 55
Fletcher Barron – Avalon 57
Christine Oliver – Alexandra 62
James Oliver – Alexandra 63
Riley Lawrence – Rosedale 66
Maddy Capon – Alexandra 66
Jessica O’Donnell – Nyora 69
Miller Throckmorton – Colac 81
Lachlan Robbins – Tasmania 84
Rhys Meakins – Alexandra 85
Seth Sloane – Alexandra 93

Libby Ahearn – Goulburn Valley 4
Braiden Webster – Alexandra 5
Billy McBride – Alexandra 13
Sam Cherry – Alexandra 14
Ella Sheedy – Nyora 21
Dayne Murdoch – Alexandra 22
Riley Taylor – Daylesford 25
Xander Baxter – Alexandra 27
Bryce Leek – Nyora 29
Jack Kershaw – Alexandra 52
Will Fallon – Alexandra 77
Arthur Hutchinson – Daylesford 82

Damon Ingram – Victoria 1
Harry Cecil – Victoria 3
Jack Braz – Bairnsdale 9
Nathan Miles – Nyora 12
Tom Braz – Rosedale 14
Dylan Barrow – Ballarat 17
Noah Collette – Alexandra 21
Nathalya Westwood – Rosedale 28
Zac Barwise – Colac 32
Toby Parks – Alexandra 36
Breanna Walker – Rosedale 50
Chase Ingram – Nyora 67
Linken Paterson – Alexandra 69
Rhys Meakins – Alexandra 82
Beau Stuchbery – Bairnsdale 88

Hunter Carey – Drouin 95

Dylan Barrow – Alexandra 17
River Paterson – Alexandra 47
Jordyn Tewkesbury – Wangaratta 53
Kalani Garlick – Alexandra 63
Rhys Meakins – Alexandra 85

Lee Beach – Victoria 1
Dillon Taylor – Alexandra 4
Steven Akil – Alexandra 8
Matthew Ismail – Alexandra 40
Steve Kershaw – Alexandra 52
Abbi Garlick – Alexandra 63
Jasmin Molloy – Ballarat 73
Luke Fallon – Alexandra 77
Jamie Thomsen – Alexandra 80
Josh Service – Alexandra 84
Harry Orme – Alexandra 99

Jaimi Barber – Wangaratta 8
Matt Davis – Nyora 14
Matt Leek – Nyora 19
Brodie Ardley – Nyora 27
Aaron Meakins – Alexandra 82
Courtney Meakins – Alexandra 84