NEWS: HQ Racing WA Set For Front End Shake Up in 2022

HQ Racing in WA is gearing up for a changing of the guard in 2022 as a few of the front runners from the past seasons take a step back from racing including 2021 champion Mick Woodbridge who is semi-retiring from racing.

Woodbridge who has been racing for 22 years will only be competing at limited events such as the HQ Nationals and Collie events for the foreseeable future. Michael Howlett is also taking a step back to also race in selected events this year. Meanwhile a new baby arriving over Christmas has given Adam Butler some other priorities to focus on this season.

Despite the departures, the grid will remain roughly the same size for each race meet with rookies Grant Thompson and Peter Harcourt joining one of the rowdiest grids to grace the Western Australian championships. There’s also a rumour of a returning racer from a few years back jumping back into the action, but we’ll let you know if that happens.

Also in 2022, COVID-19 depending, a 10 strong contingent of West Australian drivers are headed for the 2022 HQ Nationals at Hidden Valley in Darwin. Hopefully the borders will be free flowing and COVID-19 managed so Australian motorsport can finally reunite!

If you’re not familiar with HQ racing, all you need to know is –

They race Holden HQsThey don’t drive them like they’re museum piecesThey try and fit more cars of their size than you’d think physically possible through a corner and usually do so without any incidentWhen interviewing them, you can’t take every answer as a serious one such are the characters in the category.

Check out their calendar below and stay up to date with the HQ Racing WA team on Facebook.



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