EVENT: Arise Racing's Lights Out Event Draws Big Crowd & Bigger Smiles as Radical SR10 Sticks it to a Senna GTR

Yep, you heard it right here. A Radical SR10 has stuck it to a Senna GTR in magnificent fashion by being able to keep up to it with its little Ecoboost engine that could. Kids rides, food, expensive cars, track action, motorbike demonstrations and more kept the crowd around for nearly 8 solid hours.

After the first Arise event back in 2021 that saw Wanneroo Raceway turned into a multi-million dollar carpark, not including the actual show cars, Arise Racing and the LEE Collection returned for their Lights Out event on Saturday 12th February.

The free, yes FREE, event showcased cars from the LEE Collection as well as KZ2 Karting demos, DriftWest demonstrations, FMX & Harley stunt shows, Radical car racing demos, givewaways, rides, food trucks, passenger rides (for competition winners) plus fan voted “VS” runs of various supercars.

Opening up proceedings for the day the Radical race exhibition went out on track with a selection of Arise Racing staff and racers jumping into Radical cars to do an exhibition race. But, don’t let the exhibition tag line fool you, there was still some close racing and overtaking throughout the race.

After the first race, a selection of cars from the LEE Collection took to the track in two parts with various putting the cars through their paces. They were probably running at 80%, but 80% of a Lamborghini or Ferrari, is still damn quick.

One of the drivers of the day was Porsche Carrera Cup competitor Aaron Love who managed to jump in the Senna GTR, Lamborghini GT3 and the McLaren 765GTR. Asked about his favourite car of the day “Can I choose two? Race car was the Lambo and the McLaren 765GTR for a road car.”

While asking about the cars we noted his huge grin so we just had to ask him about how the day went as a whole for him “I enjoyed the day so much, the team at Arise RAcing, Beyond Customers and Laurence at the LEE Collection have done a fantastic job putting this event on. I am so happy to be fortunate enough to be given a driving role especially with these cars.”

Following on from this the first of the “VS” matches with the Lamborghini GT3 vs Audi GT2 taking to the track. The idea of the “VS” matches were to first of do a straight up drag race from a standing start to a finishing point on the main straight, followed by a “roll racing” run, where the start of the drag race is actually done from a rolling start and finally a handicap race where each cars lap time was calculated to give the slower car a head start with the view that each car would cross the finish line at the same time.

The calculations were pretty spot on as both cars crossed the line fairly close for the handicap race and the drivers let of a bit of steam and rubber as they returned to the pit entrance.

Action moved away from the main race track, sort of, for the KZ2 Karting Demo plus Hardwired FMX & Harley Stunt Shows.

The KZ2 karting demo has smiles on the faces of even some of the less smiley people who frequent motorsport events as the spectacle of the karts jossling for position down the Supercars pit lane at Wanneroo Raceway and then out on to the infield through a course setup with barriers and cones, before heading out on the main track to the middle of the downhill towards Turn 7, where they did a sharp hairpin turn, came down Turn 7 and had a very flat “Z” style bend to contend with to get back on the Supercars pit lanes.

The Harley stunt riders were popping wheelers down the main straight of Wanneroo Raceway as well as going up to the “esses” to keep the fans up there entertained.

The FMX Stunt Show on the burnout pad at Wanneroo Raceway had the two riders launching off a ramp and landing softly on a blow up ramp, no bikes flying sideway and plenty of supermans and handstands on the bikes as the riders put on a fantastic show.

Meanwhile on the infield the DriftWest team put on a demonstration run with a few cars going out and showing what DriftWest is all about. Sideways, smoke and fun.

Following this the Radicals took to the track again for their 2nd exhibition and the giveaways started with the LEE Collection Fan Photo giveaway first, followed by the RaceKraft Sim Comp and Arise Fan Cam competition announcement.

In no surprise to anyone who has met him before, Jimmy Russo a talented former drifter, constant volunteer and sim racing record holder took out the top spot and gift the ride in the Radical to his wife. This was a nod to the fact he’s already had a chance to get a ride and ad rive in a Radical thanks to .. well us at Behind the Sport (and his wife of course!).

The Stunt Shows and the KZ2 Karting demo would repeat itself in the afternoon but not before the McLaren Senna GTR and the Radical SR10 headed out for their “VS” battle which honestly seemed to be every competitive minded persons “must watch” battle. All we can say is that the Radical SR10 definitely stuck it to the Senna GTR keeping up with it fairly well and even having moments of sticking its nose in front of the much more expected to win car.

After all the prize competition winners had their hot laps and a final LEE Collection Brand vs Brand roll racing exhibition, it was time for the Ferrari SF90 Stradale (say it with an Italian accent! STRAAADDAAAALLLEEEE!) vs the McLaren 765. Both cars were a similar colour by the McLaren was hiding a slight orange tint in the paint work.

Once the lights went out the “80%” rule seemed to go too as the drivers threw the cars around Wanneroo Raceway with some hairy moments of the cars almost heading off in Turn 4 heading up the hill towards the bowl of Turn 6.

Coming through Turn 7 the Ferrari SF90 ended up sideways more than once but the professionalism and the talent of the drivers of the day kept it out of the wall, the sand trap and the fender of the McLaren.

After the event we caught up with some of the people behind (and in front) of the event including Jordan Oon, General Manager of Arise Racing who we asked about how the day went from his perspective.

“Really, really well. A lot of moving parts but it all came together which is a testament to the team here for the event, not just the drivers, but track officials too. My highlight of the day was easily having so many fans who got into the cars after winning prizes and competitions to get to experience these fantastic cars.”

He finished with “The depth of motorsport on show including carting and drifting was great to showcase more than just what we do at Arise Racing.”

We also caught up with Megan Epple, Event and Administration Manager for Arise Racing who after chasing her all over the garage for a chat managed to get a few words to us. This in demand lady is always hard to catch up with at any event, never mind something like this!

“It was a mega day, we’ve never done anything like this before and I’ve never experienced anything like this before. We have been blown away by the motorsport community today and the support of everybody who came down today. I can’t use any other word than mega to sum up the day.”

Our final stop of the day was one of the commentators for the day Chris Mitchell who drag racing and karting fans would be familiar with during his exceptional commentary and hosting stints and who we feel would be an awesome addition to the commentary team at Wanneroo Raceway (Nudge Nudge – hah!).

We always love asking Chris for his opinion because he just loves motorsport and especially when its exciting and done well which you can probably figure out by his response to us asking him about how the day was from his perspective.

Your commentators for the day, J Ma… Sorry Chris Mitchell, MC Dicey and J-Mac! PHOTO: Shane Lawrie / Turn 7 Media

“It was EPIC! I had to drink so much water and spend time mopping up the drool coming out of my mouth so my fellow commentators J Mac and MC Dicey wouldn’t slip over.”

“Today there was a lot of REALLY cool cars doing REALLY cool things that you never get to see them do, especially here in Perth where we are so far removed from this kind of thing usually.”

“To see such cool cars, on track, pushed to their limits including the Ferrari SF90 Stradale sideways coming out of Turn 7…. CHEFS’ KISS! MWAH! I can’t wait for the next one.”

We asked him if the favourite car for the day was the SF90 considering that sideways action and he responded “There’s a part of me that wants to say yes, but my moment of the day was the Radical SR10 holding a flame right to the Senna GTR with the SR10s little ecoboost motor. Loved it.”

So all we have to say now is .. When is the next one Arise?!

Oh and stay tuned for our gallery and video wrap of the event!



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